Bypass Capacitor Function, Use and Application

Bypass Capacitor, Bypass Capacitor Function

The Bypass Capacitor is nothing but a normal capacitor that bypasses the Alternating Current(AC) and Noise signals to the ground from a circuit. So the main function of Bypass Capacitor is to bypass the noise signals and AC signal. The main applications of Bypass Capacitor are, they are widely used in amplifier circuits, audio processing circuits, and electronic communication circuits.

What is the Bypass Capacitor?

The Bypass capacitor is nothing but a normal capacitor that can bypass the alternating current or high-frequency noise signal in a circuit.

Actually, as I told the bypass capacitor is nothing but a normal conventional capacitor. It is known as the bypass capacitor because its main function is to bypass the signal. The term 'bypass' comes according to its use.

What is the function of Bypass Capacitor?

The main function of the Bypass Capacitor is to bypass or ground the AC signal and noise signal from a circuit. The Bypass capacitor bypasses the AC signal or high-frequency noise signal providing low impedance.

How the Bypass Capacitor Actually works?

Let's know how it bypasses the AC

We know that the capacitor has a capacitive reactance property. The formula of capacitive reactance is,

Xc = Capacitive Reactance
f = frequency
C = capacitance

According to the above equation, it is clear that when the frequency is increased, the reactance property decreases. Another property of a capacitor is it blocks the DC but allows the AC. These two properties are used for bypassing of any signal.

Bypass Capacitor Function, Bypass Capacitor

Here in the above figure, a load is connected with an impure DC supply and we know that the impure DC contains some AC components. But we want to give the pure DC supply to the load. So in this case, a capacitor is connected. When the DC supply comes it will pass through the load but when some AC component or AC signal comes it will bypass through the capacitor, it does not affect the load.

Why Bypass Capacitor is used in Amplifier Circuit?

The bypass capacitor is used in the Common Emitter (CE) amplifier Circuit. Here the capacitor is connected in parallel with the emitter resistor.

Bypass Capacitor Application, Bypass Capacitor Function

Here the main function of that capacitor is to increase the amplifier gain. It bypasses the AC signal to increase the gain of the amplifier. You can see, here the bypass capacitor is connected in parallel with the emitter resistor.

Applications and Uses of Bypass Capacitor

1. Bypass Capacitors are used in CE or common emitter amplifiers to increase the gain.

2. They are used in electronic communication circuits to eliminate the noise signals. Basically, it makes a filter circuit.

3. They are used in audio processing circuits and audio equalizer circuits.

4. They are also used for coupling and decoupling.

5. They are also used in electronic filter circuits such as low pass, high block, etc.

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