Table Fan Connection diagram and Internal Circuit

In this article, we are going to see the Table fan Connection Diagram and Internal Circuit. Generally, most of the modern table fans are built with single-phase induction motors. They generally use the 'capacitor start capacitor run' single-phase induction motor. A typical table fan has the main following parts,
  1. Single-Phase Induction Motor
  2. Resistance
  3. 4-module push-button switch
  4. Capacitor

Table Fan Connection Diagram

Here you can see the connection Diagram of Table Fan below.

Table Fan Connection Diagram and Internal circuit, connection of table fan

Single-Phase Induction Motor

It is the main part of the table fan. It drives or rotates the fan blades to circulate air for cooling. It is designed to operate with a 230V single-phase AC supply. It has two coils in its construction - A Starting Coil and a Running Coil. We know that a single-phase induction motor is not self-starting, to start the motor, it requires a starting torque. So the main function of the starting coil is to start the motor by providing the starting torque to the motor. The running coil helps to keep running the motor.

The running coil is directly connected across the main power supply and the starting coil is connected in series with the capacitor. Generally, the running coil has a higher resistance than the starting coil. The running coil has more turns than the starting coil.


A non-polarized capacitor is used for the table fan. The capacitor is used to create the phase difference between the running coil and the starting coil. The capacitor provides the 90-degree lead power supply to the starting coil to create torque. Generally, a 4 MFD to 7 MFD-rated capacitor is used for table fans.


The resistor is used in the table fan for speed-controlling purposes. The resistor used in the table fan has a total of four terminals. It provides different resistance values at its different terminals. So the different resistances make different voltage drops, so different speeds can be obtained.

Four-Module Push Button Switch

The main function of this switch is to connect the different resistances in series with the fan motor. Its terminals are connected to the terminals of the resistor.  It has a total of four buttons, the first one is for on/off and another three for different speeds. 

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