Air Conditioner Connection and Wiring Diagram

Hey, today we are going to see the Air Conditioner Connection. We will see the connection of Air Conditioner with MCB and Switch. Here you will find the full explanation of the Air Conditioner Wiring Diagram.

Here we will see the following diagrams,

1.      Split A/C Connection: Indoor fed Outdoor
2.      Connection of Split A/C: Outdoor fed Indoor
3.      Window A/C Wiring Diagram

Split Air Conditioner Connection: Indoor fed Outdoor

Here you can see the connection diagram in the below figure.

Air Conditioner Connection, Connection of Air Conditioner, Split AC Wiring

As you see in the above figure, first the power supply comes from the main distribution board and goes to the double pole MCB. After MCB, the supply goes to the double pole switch. After the switch, the power cable of the Air Conditioner starts.

The power cable of the Air Conditioner contains three wires that are Phase wire, Neutral wire, and Earth Wire.

There are two cables connected between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit of Split A/C. The control cable contains two wires and the power cable contains three wires. Here are the power lines those first go to the indoor unit and the power supply is given to the outdoor unit from the indoor unit that is why it is called indoor fed outdoor.

Air Conditioner(AC) Outdoor Wiring Diagram and internal component connection

Connection of Air Conditioner: Outdoor fed Indoor

Here the connection diagram is given below. 

Connection of Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner Connection

Here the power lines from the double pole switch first go to the outdoor unit and then the power supply is given to the indoor unit from the outdoor unit.

Window Air Conditioner Wiring

Window air conditioner wiring is very simple. The power cable contains three wires(Phase wire,  Neutral wire, Earth wire) which are going to the window A/C from the double pole switch.

Air Conditioner Wiring, Wiring diagram of Air Conditioner, Window AC Wiring

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