Wiring Diagram for House with MCB Rating Selection Guide

House Wiring Guidance with the wiring diagram and MCB rating selection

House Wiring Guide: Today we are going to discuss the house wiring. This article is for those students who are interested to know about the house wiring. In this article, I will help you to understand how to select the rating of MCB, and how to connect all loads of a house properly. 

In this article, the wiring diagram for a house that I have given is not proper as an electrical drawing. To easily convince you, I have drawn the wiring diagram simply. But the all the connections of the diagram are proper.

Electrical Wiring in Single Room:

We know that when we apply for electricity, an energy meter is installed in our home by the electricity distribution company. After the energy meter, we need to do the wiring. First of all, we will do the wiring in Rooms. 
I have explained the wiring of a single room. You can do the wiring in all rooms in your house according to this explanation.

Single Room Wiring Diagram:

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House Wiring Diagram for a Single Room, Switchboard, Light, Fan Connections

As you see in the above diagram the room has two lights, one fan. A switchboard is used for distributing power. You can see the switchboard has three one-way switches, one two-way switch, one fan regulator, and one five-pin socket.

The connection of neutral for all loads is connected by a common wire which is indicated by the Black color. Mainly the wire of black color is used for the neutral connection.
The connection of earth for all loads are also connected by a common wire which is indicated by the green color. Mainly the wire of green color is used for the earthing.

According to the above diagram the light 1 is connected through a one-way switch. The light 2 is connected through two two-way switches so the light 2 can be ON/OFF from the two places. The Fan is connected through a one-way switch and a regulator. A five-pin socket is placed in the switchboard to connect the external temporary load.

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Current calculation of the Room:

The calculation of current is very important because the selection of MCB depends on it. As you see in the above diagram, we assumed the light 1 draws 0.2 Amp current, light 2 draws 0.4 Amp, the Fan draws 0.4 Amp. Also, assume the maximum 1 Amp load can be connected to the socket. So the total load of the room is 2 Amp.

Electrical Power Distribution in House:

Now we discuss the power distribution from the energy meter to all rooms. As you see in the below diagram, a two-pole MCB is connected after the energy meter. It is the main MCB of the house and it also acts as the main switch of the house. The output of the two-pole MCB is given to the MCB box for the distribution of power to each room.

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house wiring Diagram and connection(Energy Meter, Distribution Box, MCB, etc)

In the diagram, we are assuming all three rooms consume the same Ampere(2Amp). Different MCBs are used for each room. As each room consumes 2 Amp current so 3 Amp MCBs are used. according to the above diagram, the total load of the house is 15 Amp. So 16 Amp's current rating MCB is selected as the Main MCB.

The main distribution is the central hub where electrical power enters the house and all the rooms are connected to it. The main Distribution Box contains the main circuit breaker(Such as MCB) and other individual circuit breakers that controls the flow of electricity to each room in the house. Nowadays, RCCB or RCD is used with the main Circuit breaker for leakage current protection. Basically, the output of the main breaker is connected to the RCCB and the output of the RCCB is connected to the Distribution Box. Remember that the Main Breaker and RCCB can be installed within the main distribution board or they can be installed separately.

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