Stabilizer Connection Diagram and Wiring for Home

In this article, we are going to know how to do the Stabilizer connection. Here, you will get the proper wiring diagram of the Stabilizer for installation at your home. After reading this article, you can easily make the connection of a stabilizer with an energy meter, MCB, etc.

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The stabilizer is an electrical device that keeps stable the voltage in its output while its input voltage varies. A voltage stabilizer always provides a constant voltage to the load even when its input voltage fluctuates. 

Install Stabilizer at Home

Generally, in two places, a Stabilizer is installed at our home either with particular electrical equipment (such as a Refrigerator, Television, and Air Conditioner) or with the whole load of the house means after the energy meter. If in your locality, power fluctuation is very rare or you have a low budget then you can install a small capacity stabilizer with the particular equipment which you need to protect.

But, if in your locality, power fluctuation, and low voltage problem is very much and you using so many sensitive devices at your home then you must install a high-capacity stabilizer with the main supply which will protect all the loads of your house. 

The installation of a stabilizer for a particular equipment is very simple, just purchase the same capacity stabilizer matching with that equipment and connect. But installing a stabilizer for the whole load of the house little bit complex. You have to calculate the load and should know where need to connect. So in this article, we are going to know the mainline stabilizer connection for the home.

How to select a Stabilizer with proper capacity for your Home

Always take support from an electrical technician when you go to electrical-related works because they can easily calculate electrical loads, and also have knowledge of safety. So, before selecting the Stabilizer, you must calculate the total load of your home. All the electrical devices or equipment(Lights, fans, AC, etc) of your home have a power rating in watts or kilowatts. First, write all power ratings on a page and convert them into kilowatts. Then make the total of all the power ratings.

Suppose you find out, the total load of your home is 4 Kilo Watt. But the stabilizer comes with the KVA rating, not in the KW rating. To convert that 4 KW into KVA.

The formula is, KVA = KW/Power Factor

Generally, the power factor value is 0.8 for our home.

So, the KVA rating will be, 4/0.8 = 5 KVA

So, you can install the stabilizer having a capacity of 5 KVA because we did not turn on all loads at a time. But, the most recommended is, to install a stabilizer having a capacity above 7 KVA, because it will give a space for you when you connect additional loads in the future.

Connection of Stabilizer in the proper location with the Main Line

 We are going to see the connection diagram for the stabilizer that will supply all the loads of the house.

Stabilizer Connection Diagram, stabilizer wiring diagram, connection of stabilizer for home

You can see, in the above connection diagram, the stabilizer is connected between the energy meter and the main distribution board of the house. So, the stabilizer can supply power to all the loads of the house through the distribution board.

How to do Stabilizer Connection

1. Connect a double pole MCB after the energy meter. This MCB will help to isolate the stabilizer from the main power supply when maintenance is required.

2. All the stabilizer has the same connection whatever it's capacity or rating. So, you can see the stabilizer has input, output, and earthing connectors. So, connect the output of the MCB to the input of the stabilizer as shown in the above figure.

3. Then connect the output of the stabilizer to the outgoing MCB. If your distribution board already had the main double pole MCB then this MCB is not required. Just connect the output of the stabilizer to the main MCB of the Distribution Board.

4. Connect the Earth point of the stabilizer with your main home earthing by a grounding wire.

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