Inverter connection diagram. Install Inverter and Battery at Home.

Today we are going to learn How to Install an Inverter and Battery at Home, Inverter connection diagram. Load shedding in our country is very much so we need to install Inverter in our home. In this article, I have tried to explain the full details about the Installation of an Inverter at our Home with a Wiring Diagram.

Why we need Inverter?

There is only one thing that is Battery is available by which we can store electrical energy for use during load shedding. But we know that the battery is a DC source. In our home, all electrical equipment is made for 230V AC supply. So we need a 230V AC supply to run our electrical equipment during load shedding. The inverter in our house is a device that takes a 12V DC supply and gives a 230V AC Supply. So Inverter is a circuit or you can call a device that converts DC to AC.

How to Select Rating of Inverter for Home?

If you want to install an Inverter in your home then first you must select an Inverter of perfect rating that can drive the loads that you want. So the selection of rating of Inverter is very important.
To select the rating of the Inverter you need to calculate the load that you want to run during load shedding.

For Example, you want to connect

                           2  Fan of 70 Watt = 140W
                           2  Tube Light of 60W= 120W
                           2  LED Light of 15W = 30W
                           1  Television of 120W = 120W
                           3 CFL of 25W = 75W

So, the total load is = 485W

You need to select the rating more than your total load because when we just ON any electrical device it draws a lot of current at starting time. The inverter has a rating in KVA so you need to purchase 800KVA Inverter if your load is 500W to 600W.

If you're in need of an inverter, you might want to consider the best inverter for your home in India while it's great to have one to get rid of the frequent and unpredictable power cuts. It's also important to consider what brand you purchase. This is because there are so many different brands out there, and each one of them is not created equal.

How to select the rating of Battery for the inverter?

You must select the rating according to your required time of use that means if want to use the inverter for 3 hours and your load is 485W then the rating of the battery must be,


As a 122Ah battery is not available in the market you can purchase a 150Ah battery.

The formula is ampere-hour=(total load * required time in hour)/battery voltage

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Inverter connection diagram

The circuit diagram for an inverter connection at home is given below. According to the below circuit diagram, you can see that during load shedding Light 3, the fan and TV can be run by the inverter. According to your requirement connect the load to the inverter. As the Neutral is common for all loads you did not need the neutral connection from the inverter individually.

Circuit diagram of Inverter Connection at home:

click on the image to enlarge.

Inverter connection diagram, Install Inverter and Battery at Home

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