Doorbell Wiring Diagram and Connection Procedure

Hi, in this article we are going to learn Doorbell Wiring diagrams. I think you already know what is a doorbell. A doorbell is a notification system to inform or ask a person inside a room from outside. The wiring of a doorbell is a very important part of a house wiring system. almost all house owners want to install doorbells in their houses. So, if you are a house wiring technician, then you must know how to wire a doorbell. Not only for household purpose, in fact, hotels, and resorts also uses a doorbell system.

Different Parts and Components of a Doorbell System

The main parts of a Complete Doorbell System are,
  1. Doorbell Transformer
  2. Push Button switch
  3. Doorbell Chime

Doorbell Transformer

The doorbell transformer is a simple step-down transformer. Its input is 240V AC and output may be 12V AC, or 24V AC, or 6V AC. The output voltage of the transformer depends upon the voltage rating of the chime. The input terminals of the transformer are to be connected to the main power supply(230V AC), and the output is to be connected to the Chime and push button. Anyway, later we will discuss about the connection.

Push Button Switch

Generally, the Chime provides the facilities to connect two push-button switches. But if you connect only one push-button switch then also it will work. In the below wiring diagram, you can see there are two push button switches are connected to the chime. So, one you can connect for your front door, and another you can connect for your back door. These switches work in the principle that when you press the button it will close the circuit from the transformer to the chime, the chime will get power supply from the transformer and it will create sound. Once you remove your hand from the switch, it will disconnect the circuit and the chime will not get sound from the transformer.


Chime is the device that actually creates sound when anyone presses the switch. It works on the principle of an electromagnet. It basically has an electromagnetic coil and core. When its coil is energized by the external power it makes a movement in such a way that sound is produced.

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Doorbell Wiring Diagram

Here, you can see the wiring diagram of doorbell system. remember that it is the old and outdated electrical doorbell system.

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Here, you can see there is a total of three-terminal in the chime. The terminal 'T' is for the transformer connection. Rest two are for the push button switch. You can see one terminal of the transformer output is directly connected to the chime and another terminal is connected to the push button switches.

When the doorbell button is pressed, it completes the circuit by connecting the two wires. This sends an electrical signal through the low-voltage wires to the transformer. The transformer steps down the voltage from the household voltage to the lower voltage required for the doorbell circuit. The transformed low-voltage signal is then sent to the chime, which produces the doorbell sound. The doorbell continues to ring until the button is released or until a predetermined time delay is reached.

Wiring Diagram of New Electronic Doorbell system

Here, you can see modern electronic doorbell wiring and connection diagram.

Electronic Doorbell Wiring Diagram, new doorbell connection

The modern electronic doorbell does not have any transformer or chime. It is a compact device and has electronic circuitry in a single device. It has terminals for connecting the power supply and push-button switch. So, you just need to do a power supply and switch connection. See the above diagram for your reference.

Most of the electronic doorbell comes with battery-powered circuits. Where we do not need any power supply connection. Just we need to do the switch Connection. And once we insert the battery it will work.

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