Capacitor Color Code to Value Calculator

Here, in this Capacitor Color Code to Value Calculator, you can calculate the capacitance value, tolerance value, and maximum voltage rating of any capacitor by inputting its color code. You can calculate the value in different units such as Farad, MilliFarad, Microfarad, PicoFarad, etc.

Capacitor Color Code to Value Calculator

Capacitor Color Code to Value Calculator

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How to Use This Calculator?

You can see the calculator has five dropdown menus labeled "Select First Color", "Select Second Color", "Select Third Color", "Select Fourth Color" and "Select Fifth Color". Each dropdown menu allows you to choose the color code of a specific band on the capacitor.

1. So select the colors of all five bands of the capacitor from the dropdown menus. Each dropdown contains color options, and you need to choose the color for each band based on the color code marked on the capacitor.

2. After selecting the colors, click the "Calculate" button. The calculator will interpret the color code and calculate the capacitance value.

3. The calculated capacitance value will be displayed in the "Capacitance Value" input field. It will be shown in either Farad(F), microfarad (µF), nanofarads (nF), or picofarads (pF), depending on the magnitude of the capacitance value.

4. The tolerance of the capacitor will also be displayed in the "Tolerance" input field. The tolerance represents the permissible variation in the capacitor's actual capacitance value from the calculated value.

5. The maximum voltage rating will be shown in the "Max Voltage" input field.

6 If you wish to calculate the value for another capacitor or start over, click the "Reset" button to clear the color selections and the calculated values and Repeat the process as needed for different capacitors or color codes.

Capacitor Color Code to Value Calculator


Here are the formulas the above calculator uses for the calculation.

Capacitance = ((1st color code value * 10000) + (2nd color code value * 1000)) * ((10^3rd color code) / 1000)

This formula primarily calculates the capacitance value in picofarads (pF) based on the color code of the first three bands. The first and second bands are multiplied by 10,000 and 1,000, respectively, to get their respective values in picofarads. Then, these values are added and multiplied by the multiplier value (third band) to get the total capacitance in picofarads. The result is then divided by 1,000 to convert it to microfarads (µF).

The Fourth Color Represents the Tolerance and the Fifth Color represents the maximum voltage.


Let's take an example to calculate the capacitor values from the color codes.

Suppose we have a capacitor with the color bands: Red-Orange-Blue-Green-Yellow.

Now, we know that,

The first color band "Red" corresponds to the value 2.

The second color band "Orange" corresponds to the value 3.

The third color band "Blue" corresponds to the multiplier 10^6 or 1,000,000 (since it represents the color blue).

The fourth color band "Green" corresponds to a tolerance of ±0.5% (a percentage value indicating the allowed variation from the calculated capacitance value).

The fifth color band "Yellow" corresponds to a maximum voltage rating of 500V (the maximum voltage the capacitor can handle).

Now let's apply the formula:

Capacitance = ((2 * 10000) + (3 * 1000)) * ((10^6) / 1000)

Calculating the individual parts of the formula:

(2 * 10000) = 20,000 pF (picofarads)

(3 * 1000) = 3,000 pF (picofarads)

(10^6) = 1,000,000 (This is the multiplier for the third color band "Blue.")

Adding the results:

Capacitance = (20,000 + 3,000) * (1,000,000 / 1000)

Capacitance = 23,000,000 pF

Now, to convert the capacitance to microfarads (µF), we divide by 1,000:

Capacitance = 23,000,000 pF / 1,000,000

Capacitance = 23 µF

So, the capacitor with the color bands Red-Orange-Blue-Green-Yellow has a capacitance of 23 µF.

The fourth color band "Green" represents the tolerance, which in this case is ±0.5%. It indicates that the actual capacitance of the capacitor may vary by 0.5% from the calculated value of 23 µF.

The fifth color band "Yellow" represents the maximum voltage rating of the capacitor, which is 500V. This means the capacitor can safely handle a maximum voltage of 500 volts without breaking down.

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