Conductor or Wire Resistance Calculator

In this wire resistance calculator, you can calculate the resistance of a wire or conductor for different types of materials, lengths, and diameters. So this calculator will help you to select the proper wire or conductor with acceptable resistance for your electrical system.

Conductor Resistance Calculator

Conductor Resistance Calculator

This calculator assumes that your conductor is round in shape.

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How to Use This Calculator?

To use the Conductor Resistance Calculator, follow these steps:

1. Enter the length of the conductor: In the "Enter Length" field, input the length of the conductor. The default value is 100 meters, but you can change it to your desired length. Make sure to enter a numeric value only and use the provided unit from the drop-down menu that has options such as feet, yards, inches, miles, meters, kilometers, or centimeters.

2. Enter the diameter of the conductor: In the "Enter Diameter" field, input the diameter of the conductor. The default value is 0.05 centimeters, but you can modify it as needed. Again, ensure that you provide a numerical value and select the appropriate unit from the drop-down menu such as inches, feet, yards, millimeters, centimeters, or meters.

3. Choose the material's conductivity: From the "Select Material" dropdown list, select the desired material for the conductor. The default option is Copper, but you can choose other materials such as Silver, Annealed Copper, Gold, and Aluminium, or select "Other." Remember that when you select the material type 'Other' you need to enter the conductivity manually.

4. Calculate the resistance: Click the "Calculate" button to perform the resistance calculation based on the provided inputs. The calculator will use the length, diameter, and conductivity of the conductor to determine its resistance.

5. View the result: The calculated resistance value will be displayed in the "result" section below the calculation button.

6. Clear the form: If you wish to clear the form and start over, click the "Clear" button. This will reset all the input fields and remove any previous calculation results.

Also Note That: The calculator assumes that the conductor is round in shape, and it provides an estimate of the resistance based on the given inputs.

Conductor or Wire Resistance Calculator


Here are the electrical formulas used in the above calculator:

Resistance Calculation:

Formula: resistance = (resistivity * length in meters) / cross-sectional area

Variables used:

resistivity: The reciprocal of conductivity (1 / conductivity)

length in meters: The length of the conductor converted to meters

cross-sectional area: The cross-sectional area of the conductor (π * (diameter in meters / 2)^2)
Conversion to Meters:

Here are the formulas used to convert the values from different units,

Converted Value = value * conversion factor

Variables used:

value: The input value to be converted

conversion factor: The conversion factor for the specific unit (e.g., 0.3048 for foot-to-meter conversion)

Why measuring the resistance of a wire or conductor is very important?

1. Resistance in a wire leads to energy loss in the form of heat. This can make circuits less efficient and waste electricity. By paying attention to wire resistance, we can minimize power loss and make systems more energy-efficient.

2. Wire resistance determines how much current a wire can handle. Higher resistance means more voltage drop and power loss. It can also cause wires to get too hot, which can be a problem. By choosing wires with the right resistance, we can ensure they can carry the necessary current safely.

3. When electrical current flows through a wire or conductor, there is a drop in voltage caused by the wire's resistance. This can affect how much power reaches the receiving end of a circuit. So, by considering wire resistance, we can design circuits to make sure devices get the right amount of power.

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