(Copper/Aluminium) Wire Size Calculator in AWG and mm2

In this our Wire Size Calculator, you can calculate the size of aluminum and copper wires in AWG and square mm units. You can calculate the wire size for different voltages, load currents, lengths, and allowable voltage drops.

Wire Size Calculator

Calculate Wire Size in AWG

You can use Copper AWG = Aluminium AWG +2 if you see undefined value

Convert Wire Size AWG to mm2

Select the AWG value you got:

How to use This Calculator?

By following the below procedure, you can utilize the Wire Size Calculator to determine the appropriate wire size in AWG for your application based on the provided voltage, current, distance, and voltage drop parameters. Additionally, you can use the Wire Size Conversion Calculator to convert the wire size from AWG to square millimeters (mm²).

Calculate Wire Size in AWG:

1. Select Source Voltage: Choose the appropriate source voltage from the provided options (120V, 240V, or 480V).

2. Select Number of Phases: Choose the number of phases, either Single-Phase or 3-Phase.

3. Current Flow in Amperes (A): Input the current flow in amperes (A) as per your load current or applications.

4. One-Way Distance (in feet): Enter the distance that the wire needs to carry the current in feet.

5. Allowable Voltage Drop: Select the allowable voltage drop option, either 3% of the source voltage, 5% of the source voltage, or manually input the voltage drop in the textbox provided.

6. Click the "Calculate" button: After entering the required information, click the "Calculate" button to perform the calculation.

7. View the Calculated Wire Size: The calculated wire size in AWG (American Wire Gauge) will be displayed under "Calculated Wire Size in AWG." The wire size for both copper and aluminum conductors will be shown. If the value for copper is undefined, you can use Copper AWG = Aluminum AWG + 2.

Convert Wire Size AWG to mm²:

1. Select the AWG Value: Choose the AWG value from the dropdown list that you obtained from the previous calculation.

2. Click the "Convert" button: After selecting the AWG value, click the "Convert" button to perform the conversion.

3. View the Wire Size in Square Millimeters (mm²): The wire size in square millimeters will be displayed under "Wire Size in Sqmm."

Wire Size Calculator in AWG and Square MM

Important Notes and Formulas

This calculator uses the Conductor resistivity of 11.2 for Copper and 17.4 for Aluminum at a temperature of 127º F (53º C). So if you use wire for a special application where these criteria will not be applicable then take advice from an expert.

The calculator uses the following formulas for calculating wire size,

For single-phase circuits:

Wire Circular in Mils = (2 X Conductor Resistivity X Amps X One Way Distance in Feet) / Allowable Voltage Drop

In practical applications, the current flows through the wire in both directions, resulting in a round-trip distance. So to take this round-trip distance into account, the calculator includes the factor of 2 within the formula.

For 3-phase circuits:

Wire Circular in Mils = (2 X Conductor Resistivity X Amps X One Way Distance in Feet X 0.866) / Allowable Voltage Drop

The factor of 0.866 represents the square root of 3 divided by 2 (√3/2), which is approximately 0.866. It is used to convert the line-to-neutral voltage drop to the line-to-line voltage drop in a balanced three-phase system.

Remember that The results provided by this calculator are for general informational purposes only. So, ensure that you comply with the requirements outlined in the NEC or other local codes for your jurisdiction as they apply to your practical installation. Always consult a qualified electrical professional or expert before installing or altering electrical wiring or components.

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