Online Motor Power Factor Calculator

Here, using our online motor power factor calculator you can calculate your motor power factor. That means you can calculate how much power factor your motor can create as a standalone load. Even you don't need the system power values also.

Motor Power Factor Calculator

Calculate Power Factor Can Be Created by Your Motor

How to use This Calculator?

  1. Enter the Motor Resistance (R): Input the resistance value of your motor in ohms. This represents the internal electrical resistance of the motor.
  2. Enter the Motor Inductance (L): Input the inductance value of your motor in millihenries (mH). This represents the electrical inductance of the motor.
  3. Enter the Operating Frequency (F): Input the frequency at which your motor operates in hertz (Hz). This represents the frequency of the alternating current supplied to the motor.
  4. Click the "Calculate" Button: Once you have entered the values for motor resistance, motor inductance, and operating frequency, click the "Calculate" button. This will trigger the calculation of the power factor that can be created by your motor based on the provided inputs.
  5. View the Result: After clicking the "Calculate" button, the result will be displayed. The calculated power factor value will be shown, indicating the efficiency of the motor in utilizing electrical power.

How to know the resistance and inductance of a motor?

To measure the inductance of a motor you can use an LCR (Inductance-Capacitance-Resistance) meter which is a specialized device that can directly measure the inductance of a motor. Connect the LCR meter leads to the motor's terminals and follow the meter's instructions to obtain the inductance value.

To measure the resistance of a motor you can use a multimeter that can measure the resistance of the motor. Set the multimeter to the resistance (ohms) mode, disconnect the motor from any power source, and then connect the multimeter probes to the motor's terminals. The multimeter will display the resistance value.

Motor Power Factor Calculator


Here are the formulas the calculator used to make calculations,

Calculation of Reactance (XL):

XL = 2π × frequency × inductance

The calculator calculates the reactance (XL) of the motor using the formula, where π is a mathematical constant (approximately 3.14159), frequency is the operating frequency of the motor in hertz (Hz), and inductance is the motor inductance in henries (H).

Calculation of Power Factor:

Power Factor = resistance / √(resistance^2 + XL^2)

The calculator calculates the power factor by dividing the resistance of the motor by the square root of the sum of the resistance squared and the reactance (XL) squared. The power factor is represented as a decimal value.

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