How Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Works? Block Diagram

Hey, in this article we are going to learn how a wireless Bluetooth headphone works. Here also we will see the block diagram of Bluetooth headphones that will help us to quickly understand the working concept. There are different types of wireless headphones available in the market according to the technology they have used such as FM, WiFi, and Bluetooth Technology. Also, remember that there are two types of signals that can be used for audio transmission Infrared Radiation(IR)and Radio Frequency(RF). These devices mainly used Radio Frequency Signals for wireless communication and data transmission.

Anyway, Bluetooth technology is a very common and most usable technology. And it is very affordable for wireless audio devices. For this reason, you will see most of the wireless audio devices are used and built with Bluetooth technology.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Block Diagram

Here, you can see the block diagram of Bluetooth headphones or headsets where all internal sections, circuits, and parts are shown.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Block Diagram

Internal Parts

We can divide the whole system into four major parts,
  1. Power Management System
  2. Bluetooth Module
  3. Inputs
  4. Outputs
Each section has different important components and circuits. For example, in the power management section, you will see the micro USB port, Charging circuit, battery, power button, and other additional components for different models.

Bluetooth Module is a compact circuit on a printed circuit board where all the transmitter, receiver, converter, processor, and amplifier circuits are available. Generally, the crystal oscillator and Flash memory are also placed on the same board. Here, we have shown different places to understand their function easily.

Microphone, Switches, and Antenna circuits provide input to the Bluetooth module.

The speaker and LED Status indicator are the output devices.

Bluetooth Headphone Working Principle

Now, let's understand its working principle.

Power Management System

The internal circuit of the Bluetooth headphone operates with a 3.7V DC voltage. So it has a 3.7V battery. Generally, a lithium-ion battery or a supercapacitor is used. Supercapacitor provides ultra-fast charging. So can charge our headphones very quickly.

A micro USB port is used to connect the headphones to the charger. Generally, it is designed to charge with a mobile charger. We know that the mobile charger provides 5V output. But the headphone operates at 3.7V. So, a charger circuit(DC-DC converter) is used that will convert this 5V DC into 3.7V DC.

The battery provides a power supply to all the internal circuits and components. A power button is used at the output side of the battery so we can turn on or turn off the headphones at any time.

Bluetooth Module and the Rest Components

The Bluetooth module is the main part of the headphones. When we play a song through mobile the Bluetooth module receives the audio signal in the form radio signal with the help of an Antenna and receiver circuit. After receiving the signal, it converts and amplifies the signal before sending it to the speaker.

When we used the headphones for communication purposes. The Bluetooth module receives the signal from the microphone. After receiving, it processes, encodes, amplifies, and finally converts the signal into a radio frequency signal to transmit through the antenna.

As it is a processing device also so it needs an oscillating signal to execute all the instructions and operations. That is why a crystal oscillator is used.

You can see there a flash memory is used. It is basically used to store the primary programs, instructions, preloaded data, etc. This provides the data to the processor during the program execution. Nowadays, we can see the status of the headphones in our smartphones such as device name, battery status, etc. This is possible for this flash memory. The Bluetooth module stores the data in this flash memory and shares it with the connected device. 

Bluetooth headphone uses very small speakers that helps us to hear the song or conversions. It also has some LEDs with different colors as a status indicator. For example, when there is a low charge on the battery it will show RED, and when it got fully charged it will show green. Blue indication shows the connectivity if the device is connected or not. Generally, Blue and Red indications are mostly used.

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