Examples of IoT Devices used in Daily Life(Home, Business, Industry)

Here is the list of common examples of IoT devices,
  • Smart Doorlock
  • Smart Home Ventilator
  • Wireless Doorbell Camera
  • Temperature Control Thermostat
  • Smart Light Switch
  • Amazon Dash Button
  • Smart Remote Control Cofee Maker
  • Google Home Voice Controller
  • Smart Air Pollution Monitor
  • Intelligent Lighting System
  • Remote Control Smart Plug
  • Wireless Smoke and CO Detector
  • Smartband Activity Tracker
  • Wireless Outdoor Camera
  • Intelligent Oven

The Internet of Things or IoT refers to the physical devices (consisting of sensors, actuators, and transducers) around the whole world connected through the INTERNET. These devices can process, send, transmit, and receive signals individually. Generally, they do not use the normal public INTERNET, they are individually addressable and they use other networking protocols through the INTERNET. They are connected through the INTERNET, named the Internet of Things or IoT. The main advantage of this technology, you can control these devices anywhere in the world.

When two devices are connected through Bluetooth or WiFi technology they can interact at a very short distance but when two devices are connected through the INTERNET they can interact from anywhere in the world where the INTERNET is available.

IoT Devices for Home

IoT technology is very useful to make a smart home. From anywhere you can control your home appliances connected to the INTERNET. For example, you forget to turn off your Air Conditioner and reach the office. Just take your smartphone and turn off the AC through the mobile application. 

A Smart Light Switch is a very commonly usable IoT device for the home. Smart Light Switch gives you access to control your home light from your mobile phone as well as from wall and voice control. It can be connected through the WiFi to your Home INTERNET system. So, you can control it from anywhere using your smartphone. Even when you are at your home you do not need the help of the INTERNET also. Your mobile will connect automatically to the light switch through the WiFi.

Here are some other examples of IoT devices that are used in the Home,
  • Smart Door Lock
  • Smart Smoke Detector
  • Amazon Dash Button
  • Appel's HomePod
  • Amazon Echo
  • Smart Door Bell
  • Smart Door Camera
  • Smart Power Outlet

IoT Devices for Business

Nowadays, IoT devices help businesses in all types of organizations and sectors such as transportation, Theaters, Restaurants, medical, and healthcare. For example, you are an individual shop owner. An IoT security device helps you a lot. You can observe your shop from anywhere using a wireless CCTV camera or protect against stealing using a smart door lock system. Amazon Dash Button not only helps the house owner from the lack of essential food and utility items but it increases the sales of the seller. Once there is a shortage of any item it will make an order automatically for purchase new. So there is no chance the homeowner will purchase items from other shops or sellers.

In the transportation business, they mainly help with tracking purposes, vehicle conditions, pollution monitoring, fuel monitoring, etc.

In healthcare systems, IoT devices are used for monitoring, collecting data, and research purposes. Smart wristbands, remote health monitoring, advanced hearing aids, and pacemakers are examples of IoT devices used in healthcare.

IoT Devices Used in Industry

Nowadays there is a lot of uses of IoT devices in industrial sectors from manufacturing unit to distributing unit. They use a lot of sensors and transducers to track each part of the manufacturing unit from anywhere. Generally, all the sensors work within a network. IoT helps a lot to make a smart manufacturing system and an advanced process control system. Industrial IoT devices are used for plant optimization, automated controls, measurements, health and safety management, and many more.

Although there are different types of automation and control systems used in industries. This existing system also can be embedded with IoT technology. IoT technology is mainly based on INTERNET communication. So it gives diversity, sharing, and a wide range of control.

Some common examples of IoT devices used for Industrial Purposes,
  • Smart Energy Tracker
  • Wireless Flow Meter
  • Wireless Smoke and CO Detector
  • IoT IP Camera
  • Smart Alarm and Notification System
  • IoT Sensor

IoT Devices Used in Agriculture

From the decades people have been trying to make farming easier and more efficient. Nowadays there are so many new technologies, machinery, and medicines available. But the modern IoT system takes it up to the next level. Now, just sitting at your home it is very easy to monitor humidity, rainfall, temperature, soil content, wind speed, direction, and pest infestation in your land. Time to time monitoring and collecting data helps a lot to take action at the right time. Even nowadays there are different types of IoT-based drones and robots available in the market. You can take care of your farming without visiting the land also.

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List of examples of IoT Devices

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