Solar Energy Uses and IMPORTANT Applications

application of solar energy uses

Solar energy can be converted into many other forms of energy, so there are huge applications of solar energy. Here you will find a lot of solar energy uses and important applications. You also find how solar energy used for domestic and industrial purposes in different ways.
The energy radiated from the sun is called solar energy. Solar technology is advancing day by day.

Use of Solar Energy as Thermal Energy

Solar energy contains both light and heat, so it can be used as heat or thermal energy. Solar thermal energy can be used for water heating, space heating, cooking, and heat generation purposes.

1. Low-temperature Solar Thermal energy is used to heat swimming pools, commercial and residential building heating, space heating, etc.

2. Low-temperature solar thermal energy is used to heat the Air of different types of ventilation systems used in hotels, buildings, industries, machines, etc.

3. Medium-temperature Solar thermal energy is used for water heating, and air heating for domestic as well as industrial use.

4. High-temperature solar thermal energy is used for electrical power generation, to fulfill the high-temperature heat requirements of large machines in industries.

5. The solar process heating system is used for space heating of noncommercial buildings.

6. Solar thermal energy is used for drying wood, wood fuels, wood chips, etc.

Use of Solar Energy for Electricity Generation

One of the greatest applications of solar energy is electricity generation. Using solar photovoltaic cells we can convert solar energy into electrical energy. There are two ways to generate electricity using solar energy. One is directly using photovoltaic cells or indirectly using a concentrated solar power system.

1. Concentrating solar power systems used in large conventional power plants for bulk power generation.

2. Some electrical vehicles use solar panels for electrical power generation from solar energy.

3. Solar panels are used in buildings, street lights, and portable lights.

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Use of Solar Energy for Water Treatment

Solar energy is used for water treatment purposes. Solar Distillation system is used to convert saline water into potable distilled water.

Solar energy is also used to treat wastewater without using any chemicals which is very reliable and economical.

Application of Solar Energy in Agriculture

Solar energy is very helpful for agriculture. To dry crops, brooding chicks, drying chicken manure, pumping water, and solar energy are used.

Solar energy is also used for drying fruits which improves the fruit quality.

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