IC 7483 Pin Diagram, Truth Table, Applications

Hey, here you will find IC 7483 Pin Diagram, IC 7483 Truth Table, IC 7483 Applications, etc. IC 7483 is a digital adder IC that can add two 4-bit numbers. IC 7483 consists of four individual full adder circuits which are internally connected. It has also an input and output carry circuit.

IC 7483 can be connected directly to the CMOS, NMOS, and TTL circuits. No additional circuits are required.

IC 7483 Pin Diagram

Here, you can see the pin diagram of IC 7483. It has a total of 16 pins.

IC 7483 Pin Diagram, pin diagram of IC 7483

Pin no. 1(A4), 3(A3), 8(A2), and 10(A1) are subjected to give the first 4-bit numbers as input 1.

Pin no. 16(B4), 4(B3), 7(B2), and 11(B1) are subjected to give the second 4-bit number as input 2.

Pin no. 15(S4), 2(S3), 6(S2), and 9(S1) are the output pins to collect the data after addition.

Pin no. 14(C4) is for input carry.

Pin no. 13(C0) is for output carry.

Pin no. 5 is Vcc for the Positive power supply.

Pin no. 12 is GND for negative power supply.

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IC 7483 Truth Table

Here, you can see the truth table of IC 7483. This truth table shows the two 4-bit numbers as input and 4-bit output numbers with output carry.

IC 7483 Truth Table, truth table of IC 7483

Operating Condition of IC 7483

IC 7483 can operate correctly with 4.75 to 5V DC. It can operate properly at 0 to 70 degrees Celcius temperature.

IC 7483 Applications

IC 7483 IC is used in digital display driver circuits, counter circuits, calculator circuits, matrix keyboards, etc.

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