[BEST] Electrical Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical Interview Questions

Are you an Electrical Engineering Student? Are you looking for Electrical Interview Questions? We have a lot of electrical interview questions for you.

If you are preparing for an interview then you must read our questions and answers. Here you cannot find short answer type questions, you will find only long answer type questions. If you read these long answer type questions then you will able to give the answer of short answer type also. Of course, we will bring a collection of MCQ and Short answer type questions for you.

We always try to give the main basic concepts of any topic which is most important for you. If you have clear basic knowledge in electrical engineering then your future will be bright. You are also able to give the answer to any question in any interview.

Mainly in the Technical Round of an interview, the questions from electrical engineering to be asked to you. I have noticed, in fact, that most of the industrial experienced person says that mostly the basic questions are asked in interviews.

So, here is a list of Electrical Interviews Questions is given below for you. We will keep updating the collection of electrical questions, so keep visiting to get more questions. If possible bookmark the link of this post in your browser.

Here we have given electrical interview questions from each category together like Electrical machines, transformers, Generators, Motors, Electrical Circuits, etc.

Electrical Interview Questions and Answers

List of Electrical Interview Questions:

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(1) What is Electric Shock, What causes an electric shock Current or voltage?

(2) Why we use 220V, 50Hz AC at home instead of DC or other voltage?

(3) Which is more dangerous AC or DC?

(4) What is the main difference between AC and DC?

(5) Say some difference between the properties of Resistor, Inductor, and Capacitor.

(6) What is the difference between Electrical Circuit and Network?

(7) What is the difference between a Conventional Capacitor and a Supercapacitor?

(8) Is Transformerless Power Supply Safe for Us? What is your opinion?

(9) Why Transformer Cannot work on DC Supply?

(10) Can DC Motor run on AC supply and Vice-Versa? 

(11) Why the Transformer is Rated in KVA, not in KW?

(12) Why the Capacitor is used in Single-phase Induction Motor?

(13) Why Single Phase Induction Motor is not Self Starting?

(14) What is the main difference between Generator and Alternator?

(15) Why starter is needed for starting of Electrical Motor(both AC and DC)?

(16) Which side of the Transformer is provided for Tapping and Why?

(17) Say some application of each type of Motors.

(18) Say some applications of each type of Circuit Breaker.

(19) Why Alternator Armature Winding always connected in STAR?

(20) Can we use a Step-Down Transformer as Step-Up Transformer? If yes then How?

(21) What happened if we connect Ammeter in parallel and Voltmeter in series?

(22) Why electrical Choke is used in Fluorescent Lights?

(23) Which gas used in Incandescent Bulbs and Why?

(24) Why secondary of Current Transformer(CT) should not be Open Circuit?

(25) What is Single Phasing? What is the effect of Single Phasing?

New questions added on 8th April 2019

(26) What is the Actual Difference between Synchronous Motor and Induction Motor

What is the difference between earthing and grounding?

What is the use of Neutral Grounding Resistor(NGR)?

What is the right sequence of opening and closing Isolator, Circuit breaker and earthing Switch?

What is the use of Stepper Motor?

(31) Why Current, Voltage changes But Power, Frequency constant in Transformer?

(32) Why capacitor is connected in parallel not in series for Power Factor improvement?

(33) Why DC is used not AC for excitation of Synchronous Alternator and Motor?

(34) Why Damper Winding is used in Synchronous Alternator and Motor?

(35) Why Three Phase Induction Motor Self-Starting but Synchronous Motor not?

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