Which gas is used in Bulb and Why?

Cause of Gas used in Bulb

Which gas is used in Bulb and Why, properties of Filament

Most of the bulbs are available which are named according to their filling gas like Halogen lamp, mercury lamp etc. But many of us do not know Which gas is used in Incandescent Bulb or filament bulb and Why? Most of the cases Argon gas is used in bulbs but other inert gases also used in the bulb. We will discuss why we used Argon gas or other inert gas in Bulbs.

How Incandescent or filament bulbs work?

The working of Incandescent or filament bulbs is very simple. When the flow of an electric current is done through a metallic wire then the wire radiates heat. If we increase the flow of current the wire radiates heat as well as light energy. If we increase the flow of current more and more the wire radiates more light energy. This phenomenon is used in Incandescent or filament bulbs. 

The fine metallic wire which can produce light in Incandescent bulb is called Filament.

The properties of Filament of Incandescent or filament bulb:

  1. High melting point
  2. Low-temperature coefficient
  3. Good mechanical strength
  4. High resistivity
  5. Low vapour presser

The materials which are used in Incandescent bulb are:

Previously carbon, osmium, tantalum are used in an incandescent bulb, but due to their some drawbacks nowadays Tungsten used as a filament material in an incandescent bulb.

The causes of  using gas in Incandescent or filament bulb:

The filament of the bulb can work efficiently at the temperature up to 2000°C. If we operate it beyond 2000°C temperature the filament will be vaporized. The operation of the bulb below 2000°C temperature can give very low light energy. So we must operate the bulb beyond the 2000°C temperature without vaporization or evaporation of the filament. 

To overcome this problem mainly Argon gas is used to fill the bulb. a small percentage of nitrogen gas is also used with the argon gas to reduce the ARC. Krypton gas can be used instead of Argon gas, but the Krypton gas is very expensive. For this reason, krypton gas is used in only the special lamps.

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