Proximity Sensor and SSR Connection Diagram

Hi, in this article, we are going to see the Proximity Sensor and SSR Connection Diagram. We will know how to connect a proximity with an SSR to control a load. A proximity sensor is a type of sensor that detects the presence of an object or its proximity without physical contact and generates an electrical or electronic signal. On the other hand, A Solid State Relay (SSR) is an electronic switching device that switches on or off when a small external voltage is applied across its control terminals. 

Proximity Sensors and SSRs are used together for several purposes for example, Proximity sensors usually operate at low voltage, while the devices they control might require higher voltage. SSRs provide electrical isolation between the low-voltage control signal and the high-voltage load, protecting the sensor from potential damage. So you can use these both together to create different electrical circuits or projects that is why here in this article, we have shown the basic connection between a Proximity Sensor and an SSR.

Connection Diagram

Here, you can see the Connection Diagram between an SSR and a Proximity Sensor. 

Connection between Proximity Sensor and SSR, Proximity Sensor connection with SSR

Here, we have used a 230V AC bulb as a load that is to be operated. As we know that the proximity sensor can operate 10V-35V DC and the bulb operate with 230V AC supply. So, the SSR used to make the isolation between these low voltage DC for proximity sensor and high voltage AC for bulb.

Components Used

  • PNP Type Proximity Sensor(Operating voltage 10V-35V DC)
  • SSR(Solid State Relay) Operating voltage 3V-32V DC, switching voltage 240V, 40A
  • 230V AC/24V DC Power supply unit to operate the proximity sensor and SSR
  • 230V AC power supply to operate the lamp

Connection Procedure

  1. First of all identify all the terminals - usually the proximity sensor has three terminals, Power (Red/Brown), Ground (Blue), and Output(Black). The SSR has four terminals, two for the control side (Input + and -) and two for the load side (Output + and -).
  2. Now, Connect the power terminal of the proximity sensor to the positive terminal of the 24V DC power supply. Connect the GND wire of the proximity sensor to the negative terminal of the 24V DC power supply.
  3. Connect the Output wire of the proximity sensor to the positive control terminal of the SSR. Connect the negative control terminal of the SSR to the ground (GND).
  4. Connect one terminal of the load(here the lamp) to the positive output terminal of the SSR. Connect the other terminal of the load to the power supply (the side opposite the one connected to the SSR).
  5. Now, Turn on the power supply and Verify that the proximity sensor detects the target and activates the SSR, which in turn should control the load (e.g., turn on the lamp).

Working Principle

The proximity sensor is powered by a DC supply (e.g., +24V and ground). When the sensor detects an object within its sensing range, it changes its output state (usually switching from low to high voltage or vice versa).

The output signal from the proximity sensor is connected to the control input of the SSR.
When the proximity sensor's output changes (e.g., goes high), it provides the necessary voltage to the SSR’s input terminals. The control signal energizes the internal LED of the SSR, causing it to emit light. This light activates the photosensitive element, which then closes the semiconductor switch inside the SSR.

When the switch closed, the SSR allows current to flow through its output terminals, powering the connected load (e.g., a motor, lamp, etc.). The load, connected to the SSR’s output terminals, is powered and operates as intended (e.g., a motor starts running or a light turns on). Also, the SSR provides isolation and protection, ensuring that the low-voltage signal from the sensor can safely control a high-voltage load.

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