What is Air Conditioning System? Diagram, Applications

Hi, in this article we are going to learn about the air conditioning system. Air conditioning is a very important part of an HVAC System. An HVAC system consists of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The air conditioning system also consists of so many parts. In this article, we also see the basic diagram of an air conditioning system to understand its working principle easily.

What is Air Conditioning System?

An air conditioning system is a process to make a particular place comfortable by maintaining the temperature, humidity, and air purity within a limit. An air conditioning system mainly cooled a space by removing existing heat from that space. This process is mainly used to make a comfortable space for either humans or animals or plants even machinery or equipment also. The air conditioning system is not a simple process. There are many mechanisms and laws behind an air conditioning system. In simple, you can understand it removes heat from space by exchanging the air. Yes, it takes out the hot air from the space and fills it with cool air.

The main objectives of an Air Conditioning System,

  1. Maintain Temperature
  2. Maintain Humidity
  3. Maintain Air Purity

Main Parts of an Air Conditioning System

The main function of an air conditioning system is to maintain temperature, humidity, and air purity. So, the cooling mechanism is an important part of the air conditioning system that helps to reduce the temperature. 

Another important part is the evaporating system. The evaporating system helps to remove excess water particles or moisture from the air inside your room to control the humidity.

The last is air purification. So, the air filtration system is a very important part of an air conditioning system. It helps to reduce the dust particles, and contaminated particles from the indoor air.

How does an Air Conditioning System Works? Working Principle

Actually, there are different types of Air conditioning system and all of them works in different principle. Anyway, here we will discuss the conventional method of air conditioning.

An air conditioning system works on the principle of thermodynamics law and uses a vapor compression refrigeration system. Generally, an air conditioning system has a condenser coil, evaporator coil, and compressor. These all are connected in a closed-loop system by pipeline. And this pipeline is filled with compressed refrigerant. When the compressor is running condition, the refrigerant is flowing continuously. 

The main function of the evaporator coil is to extract heat from the indoor air and transfer it to the refrigerant. Also, it removes water particles from the air and drains them through the drain line. The main function of the condenser coil is to extract heat from the refrigerant and leave it to outdoor air. Thus the heat is removed from the indoor to outdoor air, and the indoor space will be cooled. The air conditioning system also has cooling fans to circulate the airflow and air filters to remove dust particles from the air.

Air Conditioning System Diagram

Here, you can see the diagram of Air Conditioning System.

Air Conditioning System Diagram, Diagram of Air Conditioning System

From this diagram, you can easily understand the working principle of the Air Conditioning System. Here, you can see the evaporator coil is placed indoors or inside of the room, and the condenser coil is placed outdoors or outside of the room.

Applications Air Conditioning System

The application of Air conditioning systems is everywhere from our homes to offices, cars, shopping malls, theaters, etc.
Generally, Split Air conditioners and Window AC are used in our homes, small offices, etc.

Ductable Air Conditioner, Variable Refrigerant Volume, or VRV Air Conditioners are used in large offices, shopping malls, etc.

Central Air Conditioning Systems including Chiller, Heat Pump, and AHUs are used in large industrial purposes for manufacturing or mass production systems.

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