[Exact Reason] Why MCB for Air Conditioner (AC) frequently Tripping?

MCB Air Conditioner(AC) Tripping

We all know that a separate MCB is always connected to the Air Conditioner Unit for protection purposes. In this article, we are going to know why that MCB getting tripped frequently. There are some important and very simple reasons are there, for which MCB connected with the Air Conditioner(AC) gets tripped again and again.

MCB is an electrical protective device that gives protection against overload and short circuit faults which means when there is any short circuit fault or load taking over current, MCB will trip. So in this case also, MCB gets tripped frequently which means the AC consumes over current.

So here the important reasons for which an Air Conditioner can consume Over Current.

1. Incorrect MCB Rating Selection for Air Conditioner

One important reason for frequently MCB tripping is wrong MCB rating selection, suppose your AC able to take 15A current but you using 10A MCB. So, in this case, the MCB will trip frequently. This problem may not find out when your temperature set point is high because in this case, AC taking low current so the MCB will work normally, but when you decrease the temperature setpoint and put fan speed in high, then the MCB will trip.

SOLUTION:  Select proper MCB for that Air Conditioner. Contact with Electrician.

2. Problem in Compressor

In an Air Conditioner(AC), the compressor is the maximum current-carrying device. So any problem in the compressor may be the cause of frequently MCB tripping. For example, when the compressor is so much old then it will take more current which also can trip the circuit breaker. Other problems in the compressor are overheating, motor bearing, lack of lubricating, etc.

SOLUTION: Change the compressor if it is so much old. Otherwise, contact professionals for the maintenance of the compressor.

3. Problems in Blower, Fan

A blower or fan in Air conditioner is used for the air circulation. The fan used in the indoor unit is called the blower. Both indoor and outdoor unit contains. So any problem in the indoor and outdoor fans can trip the MCB. The possible problems in the fan are junk in the bearing, and fan blade stack with any wire or body. fan capacitor damaged.

SOLUTION: Check both indoor and outdoor fan conditions including fan speed, carrying current, noise, etc. Change the fan capacitor.

4. Dirty Air Filter

air conditioner air filters

Every air conditioner indoor unit has air filters that block the dust to entering into the unit. If that air filters not cleaned for a long time, then it gets blocked and air will not circulate properly. Air conditioner blower also works harder to circulate the air through the dirty air filters which can cause to draw more current. Ultimately it will trip the MCB.

SOLUTION: Clean the air filters once in a month and change when it has become obsolete.

5. Lack of Refrigerant

When the refrigerant level goes low, then cooling not properly come and the compressor becomes overheated. It is an important reason for the frequent tripping of the MCB. If there is any leakage in the pipe or coil, the refrigerant level will go low.

SOLUTION: Contact with the electrician to check the refrigerant level and fill if it is low. Repair if any leakage is there.

6. Dirty Condensor Coil

A dirty condenser coil makes the causes of low cooling. In this case, the compressor has to work more to provide proper cooling, and it will take more current which can trip the MCB.

SOLUTION: Clean the condenser coil and evaporator coil.

7. Any Loose Contacts

Air conditioner indoor outdoor

Any loose contacts in the air conditioner can create sparks, short circuits, etc. It is also a possible reason for the frequent tripping of the MCB.

SOLUTION: Check any loose contacts in connectors, fan, PCBs, Contactor, Relays, etc.

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