What is HVAC System? Its Need, Important, and Requirements

what is HVAC system

In this article, we are going to discuss what is HVAC System, why it is needed, and its importance, and requirements. The HVAC system is very important and a large space of job opportunities for electrical, mechanical, electronics, and computer engineering students. So, you must have knowledge about the basics of HVAC Systems. In this article, we have tried to explain the HVAC System in simple words with our industrial experiences. We will publish continuous more articles about HVAC to share our industrial knowledge with you.

What is an HVAC System?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It is a system that provides heating, cooling, ventilation, fresh air circulation, and environmental comforts to residential and commercial buildings, companies, and hospitals. HVAC is a very large and a little bit complex system. The HVAC system works on the principles of Thermodynamics, Heat Exchanging, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Refrigeration.

The main function of the HVAC system is to provide constant environmental comfort inside a room or building even when the outside climate or environment changes.

What is Heating(H) in an HVAC System?

In this section, heating is provided inside a room or building to control temperature and humidity. If the outside temperature is very low but the inside temperature requirement is high then this section is required. It consists of two parts heat generation and heat distribution.

Generally, in an HVAC system heat generation purpose heaters, heat pumps, and heat exchangers are used. Space heaters, Boilers, and furnaces are also used for indoor heating purposes. Steam or water is used for heat distribution purposes. In this case, pipelines are used to transport the heat through the steam or heated water from the heat source to the room.

In a large industry or building, a separate HVAC plant is installed where central heat generation equipment such as a heat pump is installed. From there to different rooms heat is distributed for the heating purpose.

What is Ventilation(V) in an HVAC System?

Ventilation is the process of replacing or changing the air in any space or room. In this process, continuously old air is removed and fresh air is injected into the room. Ventilation is mainly required to remove moisturized air, dust particles, smoke, smell, contamination, and carbon dioxide from inside a room.

The equipment or machines used for ventilation purposes are AHU(Air Handling Unit), TFA(Treated Fresh Air), Exhausts, etc. 

There are two types of Ventilation System are used. The Natural Ventilation system is in small buildings, and hospitals just for circulating the air. Mechanical Ventilation systems are used in large hotels, electronics manufacturing companies, shopping malls, and food factories. The mechanical ventilation system is also called forced ventilation because here fans or mechanical system is used to circulate the air by force.

What is Air Conditioning(AC) in HVAC System?

Air Conditioning is the process of providing cooling with fresh air and maintaining humidity in a room. The main function or objective of an Air Conditioning system is to provide cooling to control temperature and also maintaining the humidity.

The devices or machines used for air conditioning are Split ACs, Window ACs, Chillers, Coolers, etc.

For the household purpose, offices, and hotels, split AC or Window AC is used for air conditioning. But in the case of large buildings, shopping malls, and companies Chiller is used as a central cooling generation system from where chilled water is distributed to provide cooling for each part of the building. For a large HVAC system, so many equipment and machines are used for air conditioning such as AHUs, TFAs, Cooling Towers, Condensor pumps, etc.

Difference between HVAC and Air Conditioning

The main difference between HVAC and Air Conditioning is that air Conditioning is a part of the HVAC system. An HVAC system offers all heating, cooling, and ventilation facilities whereas the air conditioning system only provides cooling and humidity control.

Air conditioning systems are used in all places from small buildings to large buildings but the whole HVAC system is only used in large buildings, companies, servers farms as per requirements.

An HVAC system consists of so many machines and a large HVAC system may require a full plant for its installations whereas the Air conditioning system available is compact and portable.

Needs, Requirements, and Importance of HVAC System

As we discussed before, the HVAC system is required to maintain the temperature and humidity of a building, room, or workplace to provide environmental comfort to humans and the storing of medicines, foods, etc.

The HVAC system is required to provide fresh dust-free air for food, medicine, and electronics products manufacturing companies.

The HVAC system is required to provide heating in hotels, hospitals, and houses in a cooled area.

Where HVAC System is Used?

Nowadays everywhere HVAC system is used. Somewhere its parts only used means only air conditioning, or heating or ventilation, and somewhere the whole HVAC system is used.

1. In a large food, medicine, or electronics products manufacturing company the whole HVAC system is used where air conditioning, heating, and ventilation all are required.

2. In shopping malls air conditioning and ventilation systems are used.

3. In our normal household purpose simple air conditioning is used.

4. In hotels, and restaurants air conditioning and ventilation systems are used.

5. In hospitals, and theaters, air conditioning systems are used.

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