Industrial VS Commercial VS Residential Electrical Installation

Hey, in this article we are going to see the comparison between Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrical installation. We will make compare with respect to types, procedures, costs, safety, equipment, and many other essential factors. First of all, let's know what is electrical installation. Electrical installation is a procedure to install electrical circuits, wirings, equipment, and machines. The electrical installation can be divided into three major parts - 1. Installing of electrical equipment or device or machine 2. Make electrical connections or wiring for them 3. Provide them proper voltage and power to operate them.

These different types of electrical installation required different types of electricians and management. For example, commercial electrical installation requires commercial electricians, industrial electrical installation requires industrial electricians, and residential electrical installation requires residential electricians. We already published an article before regarding the difference between Industrial VS Commercial VS Residential electricians. You can read that article for more information.

What is Industrial Electrical Installation?

Industrial Electrical installation is related to the installation of industrial electrical machinery, electrical panels, industrial electrical safety, power supply systems, proper power distribution for different categories(production, utility, building), etc. It is related to production or manufacturing plants, stations, etc. 

Industrial electrical installation is more complicated than others as there are so many restrictions and safety measures provided by the government. Here, so many different types of panels are installed because an industry or manufacturing company has so many machines and devices. For example, MCC(Motor Control Center) Panels connect all the motors of that company. PCC(Power Control Center) panel distribute power to the different section. So industrial electrical installation involves so many complex wirings, automation systems, safety features, etc.

What is Commercial Electrical Installation?

Commercial electrical installation is related to the installation of electrical wiring and devices in commercial buildings such as hospitals, shopping malls, warehouses, etc. It is not so much complicated as industrial installations. Because here mostly particular types of loads are used. 

In commercial buildings mostly one or two electrical panels are installed and they are also very simple. Most of the commercial installations are depended on a 440V three-phase power supply(In India) and 208V(in the United States). There are not so many costly devices and machinery in commercial electrical installations like industrial installations. Here restrictions and safety measures are also less.

What is Residential Electrical Installation?

It is also known as domestic electrical installation. Domestic or Residential Electrical Installation is related to the wiring and installation of residential buildings, homes, offices, small shops, etc. Residential installation is dependent on 230V(in India) Single Phase supply or 120V in the united states. Residential electrical installation is less costly than others. Here few and low-cost safety devices are used.

Residential Electrical Installation is done by residential electricians. Residential electricians require only a state license or a relevant local agency for their work. They not need to acquire any additional certifications. Here the voltage and power level are low so there is no need for high-grade materials. That reduces the cost of installations.

Comparison between Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrical Installation

In simple words, industrial electrical installation systems are used to cater the large-scale industries, commercial installations serve businesses, and residential installations provide power for homes, offices, etc. The complexity, power demands and equipment used vary based on the specific requirements of each setting.



Industrial Electrical Installation

Commercial Electrical Installation

Residential Electrical Installation


Manufacturing Plants, Factories, Industrial Sectors, Stations

Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Warehouses

Homes, Offices, clubs, etc.


Above 440V(India) or 208V(USA), three-phase

440V(India) or 208V(USA), three-phase

230V(India) or 120V(USA), single phase


Industrial Electrician



Residential Electrician

Wires and Cables

It requires a huge amount of wires and cables

It requires more wires and cables than a residential installation

It requires fewer wires and cables


High-grade materials



Electrical Protection

Extraordinary Protection required

Moderate protection

Low protection


Higher-level Insulation



Installation Cost




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Industrial VS Commercial VS Residential Electrical Installation

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