Industrial VS Commercial VS Residential Electrician

Industrial Electrician VS Commercial Electrician VS Residential Electrician

Who is an Industrial Electrician?

An industrial electrician is a person who works within a particular industry for its electrical operation, installation, maintenance, repair, etc. An industrial electrician is different from a residential or commercial. Their work is also different. Industrial electrician mainly works within a boundary and they have to report to their respective engineer or manager in that particular industry.

Key Responsibilities of Industrial Electrician

1. Strictly follow the electrical safety measures and guidelines as it is related to the overall industry.

2. Read and interpret electrical drawings, and wiring diagrams and execute them in practice.

3. Preventive and breakdown maintenance of plant machinery, and devices.

4. Daily routine inspection, check-up, and routine maintenance of plant machinery.

5. Work for industrial new projects contributes to new planning and execution.

Industrial electricians have more depth knowledge of electrical machine maintenance. They did not travel more to different places than the commercial or residential electricians. Industrial electricians have to work very hard and be busy in case the of production and manufacturing companies. Also, they mostly have to do shift-wise work.

Who is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is a skilled and licensed person to work in commercial buildings such as shopping malls, large office buildings, restaurants, hotels, etc. They did not work in residential buildings. But the work of a commercial electrician is very similar to a residential electrician such as installation, maintenance, etc. The commercial electrician is a better carrier path than a residential electrician. Also, they earn more money than residential electricians and they have to follow more safety and regulations.

Key Responsibilities of Commercial Electrician

1. Installation of electrical wiring, panels, machines, and devices, in commercial buildings.

2. Maintaining electrical systems and circuits.

3. Inspect electrical faults and errors.

4. Reading and interpreting electrical drawings, wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, etc.

5. Handling electricians team and coordinating, providing field knowledge.

6. Repairing and maintenance of existing circuits, hardware, and networking-related works, etc.

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Who is a Residential Electrician?

A residential electrician is a skilled person to does electrical work and is licensed for the allowance in residential buildings such as domestic houses, family houses, and small offices for electrical installation, Wiring, inspection, maintenance, and Repairing.

Key Responsibilities of Residential Electrician

1. Maintaining Electrical System in Residential Building, Home, and Offices

2. Electrical Installation and House Wiring such as Earthing, Lighting, Home appliances, protection devices, switchboards, etc.

3. Reading or interpreting electrical drawings.

4. Repairing, finding out defective components, and replacing components.

5. Diagnosing errors and problems in electrical circuit systems and taking corrective action.

6. Team handling, providing training for field knowledge.

Residential electricians generally work with low voltage only, in very rare cases they work with medium voltage. They work with construction companies or contracting companies and have to visit the field every day for their work. Residential electricians are maybe self-employed also. They have been licensed to work for installation in the new buildings or repair or maintenance in existing residential buildings.

Difference between Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrician







Work in Industries

Works in commercial buildings

Works in Residential Buildings

Does not visit more places

Visit different places

Visit different places

Mostly works in Shift Wise duty

No more shift wise duty

No more shift wise duty

Having deep knowledge and skill

Having knowledge and skill more than a residential electrician

Having less knowledge and skill than the other two

Earn more than the other two

Earn more than residential electrician

Earn less compared to the other two

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