Responsibilities of Utility and Maintenance Department

Responsibilities Utility Maintenance Department

Hi guys, my self Rajes Pal. I am working in an Electronics Manufacturing Company in the 'Utility & Maintenance' Department for the last five years. So in this article, I am going to explain the 'Role and Responsibilities of maintenance department of a company' from my five years of experience.

First of all, I would like to thank the founder of ETechnoG for giving me this opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with you.

The objective of this Article

The main objective of this article is to share my industrial knowledge with you.

If you are now in college and studying in electrical engineering(diploma or graduate) then you will learn from this article, how much knowledge you can earn if you got a job in the maintenance department. Trust me, you can learn so many things and also enjoy so many interesting works if you get a job in the maintenance department because you have to do mostly electrical-related work only.

If you already doing a job in the maintenance department and searching job for another company then also this article will help you. Because when you going for an interview, they will ask first, what are the responsibilities of maintenance department.

Role and Responsibilities of Maintenance Department

I am sharing our department responsibilities, I hope it will be helpful for you.

As I told you our company is an electronics manufacturing company, it assemblies PCB boards. So our maintenance department's responsibilities are divided into two parts.

1. Responsibilities for Production
2. Out of Production Responsibilities

Responsibilities for Production

1. We have to maintain Temperature & Humidity in the Production Area.

Temperature and humidity requirements are not the same for all areas, each individual place has its own requirements as per production instruction documents. Maintaining temperature & humidity includes the operating of the HVAC system, continuous monitoring, and record data every two hours in the temperature & humidity logbook.

2. We have to maintain Lux Level, Noise Level, and Dust Level in Production Area.

We have to maintain Lux or illumination level and Sound level in Production Area, Office Area, and Control Rooms as per standard. We have to maintain the Dust level in the Production area. We have to provide proper airflow for exhausts as per requirements. These all include schedule measurements and preparation of documents for Internal Audit, Customer Audit, and Government Audit. For those measurement purposes, we use Lux Meter, Particle Counter, Anemometer, Sound level meter, etc.

3. We have to provide a Compressed Air Supply to the machines & equipment used for production with a standard pressure as per requirement.

We are responsible to provide Compressed Air to the machines, equipment used for production such as pneumatic machines, Press Fit machines, Testing machines, etc. This includes operating of Air Compressors, Air Dryers, and the whole air transmission & distribution network.

4. We have to provide Nitrogen Gas supply to the machines with proper pressure and quantity. This includes operating of nitrogen yard, Purchase liquid nitrogen, store, convert liquid nitrogen into gas then supply to production.

5. We have to provide chilled water (8-9 degree) supply to the machines with proper pressure.

Chilled water mainly used for cooling, refrigeration in the machines used for production such as ESS testing machines, Molding Machines, etc. So we have to provide chilled water with proper temperature and pressure. This includes operating of Chiller and respective water circulation pumps.

6. We have to provide electrical power supplies to the machines as per requirements which include Voltage, Current, Phase, Frequency, UPS, or Raw Power. We also have to Attend & Solve sudden electrical problems on the spot during Production Time and troubleshoot them. Some examples are short circuits, ground fault, Circuit breaker trips, etc.

7. We have to provide proper vacuum pressure to the machines such as ICT testing machines. This includes operating of vacuum pumps and their respective panels, breaker, switches.

8. We have to provide De-Ionized (DI) Water to the machines and Reverse Osmosis (RO) water for drinking. So we have to produce DI water and RO water and supply to production.

Out of Production Responsibilities

1. We have to operate and maintenance of the whole HVAC System with respective machines and equipment.

We have to operate Chiller, Heatpump, AHUs, TFAs, Cooling Tower, Condensor pumps, primary pumps, secondary pumps, etc.

We have to do also daily routine work, daily preventive maintenance, fill checklists for those machines.

2. We have to operate and maintenance of the whole electrical power supply system of the company with respective machines, panels, equipment, Busbars, cables, etc.

3. We have to operate and to do daily, weekly, semi-annually, and annual maintenance of all utility machinery such as Air Compressors, vacuum pumps, Nitrogen yard, Chillers, etc.

4. We have to operate, daily monitoring, and maintenance of the LT panels, Power Factor Control panels, PLC operated panels, etc.

5. We have to operate and maintenance of Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Air Circuit Breakers, Isolators, MCCBs, switches, etc.

6. We have to operate and preventive maintenance of Transformer, Diesel Generators (DG), Water pumps.

7. We have to operate the Demineralization (DM) Plant to produce DI water, and also have to do regular regeneration of Mixed Beds.

8. We have to operate the SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT (STP) to treats the sewage to make it fit for safe disposal and agricultural use.

9. We have to operate the Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) to reuse the wastewater by removing contaminants.

7. We have to operate and maintenance of the whole Fire Protection & Suppression System with respective panels, pumps, fire extinguishers, fire hydrant, sprinkler, etc.

8. We have to operate and maintenance of Public Address (PA) system and Sound System.

9. We also have to do the general works and maintenance for Data connection, LAN connection, CCTV installation and maintenance, Telephone System, etc.

10. We have to do preventive maintenance of Biometric attendance machines, access sliding door, Remote control Motorized Sliding Gates, passenger lifts, material lifts, etc.

11. We also have responsibilities for the preparation of maintenance documents, checklists, for Energy Audit, Customer Audit, and Government Audit.

12. We have to operate the Building Management System (BMS). It is a computer-based control system to monitor and control the building's mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems.

13. We have to prepare documents and XLS formats to monitor and control daily power consumption, Utility Cost of the company

14. We have to do deal with AMC, suppliers, service centers, vendors to get support for the servicing and maintenance of the machinery.

These all are the key responsibilities of the maintenance department.

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