What is Light Switch Timer? Use, Price, Buying Guide

light switch timer

What is Light Switch Timer?

The Light Switch Timer is a combination of timer and light switches that are used to operate lights automatically as per the set time on the timer. Basically, it has electronic circuitry that can control lights connected to it. It is very helpful for automatically turning on and turning off lights in your home or office if you forget to turn off manually. So it is a good solution for energy saving. Also, it can provide more safety as it does not require manual operation. Most of the Light switch timers come with a pack of two switches which means a light switch timer can control two lights.

Nowadays some switches come in a compact size that can be fitted in the place in your existing conventional switch in your switchboard. The connection of these switches is also very simple like a normal conventional switch.

Light Switch Timer Use and Applications

Light switch timers can be used in homes, offices, coaching centers, theaters, drawing rooms, meeting halls, outdoor lights, street lights, garden lights, etc.

Light Switch Timer Price

You will get a light switch timer for the minimum price of 10$. The price will vary with its brand, no of switches, power handling capacity, features, etc.

Light Switch Timer Buying Guide

Purchasing a wrong product or an unsuitable product for your application will cause. a huge loss for you. So, before you purchase a light switch timer, you should consider these important factors.

1. No of Switching Function

First, of all make sure how much switching function or no of lights you want to control. According to your requirement, purchase the timer. An excessive no of switches will be charged a high cost so excessive switch timer you should not buy.

2. Wattage Rating

The wattage rating is a very important factor. It ensures how much power the timer switch can handle. So select the timer switch as per the power rating of your light is to be controlled. You will see most of the switch timer offers power rating up to 1800 watts. So if you purchase the same rated switch, remember that you should not connect load above this rating.

3. Warranty Periode

Before you purchase a light switch timer, you should check its warranty period. Always try to purchase a timer that offers more than 1 year warranty period. Because it is an electronic device and also costs a high amount of price. So damaging the timer makes you a very high loss.

4. Branding and Models

Branding is also a very important factor. When you purchase a local product, in most of the cases it does not provide a warranty. In some cases, it provides a fake warranty. Local products do not work smoothly. After working some time it got damaged or slow in operation, contact latching happens. So, always try to purchase a branded product and the latest models that come with so many additional features.

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