Most Usable Electrical Tools List and their uses

Here is the list of electrical tools for all time use,
  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wire Strippers
  3. Cutting Pliers
  4. Nose Pliers
  5. Measurement Tape
  6. Cable Cutter
  7. Hacksaw
  8. Safety Knife
  9. Spanners
  10. Line Tester
  11. Allen Wrench Set
  12. Hammer
  13. Torch
  14. Chisel
  15. Multimeter
  16. Torpedo Level

Whether you are an electrical professional or not but you must know about these important electrical tools used at all times. It may be required for our home, office, or working places. So, here we have given a list of 10+ common electrical tools. These are the most common electrical tools that must be required for every electrical work. If you are an electrical professional then you must have all of these with you. Or if you are not an electrical professional or you want to buy some of these to keep in your house for emergency use, then also you can. If you do not want to purchase, you can at least keep in mind these electrical tools name. Now let's discuss some of them.


A screwdriver is a most useful tool for electrical work as well as other work. It is a rod-type tool having a minus head or plus head. There are different types of screwdrivers are available in the market according to their length, portability, function, structure, etc. It is built with an insulating material for holding that gives protection while doing electrical work in life. A screwdriver helps to loose or tighten a screw. You just have to put the head of the screwdriver to the head of the screw and rotate with pressure. So screwdriver is very helpful for removing different parts of electrical machines, devices, or panels, etc.

Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is also a very useful tool that is used to remove the outer insulation sheath of the wire and cables. By stripping the insulation of the wire we get the actual metallic conductor. So before connecting a wire with a connector, plug, lux, or other joint, we need to strip the wire. There are different types of wire strippers are available in the market such as adjustable wire stripper, triple action, automatic wire stripper, pistol wire stripper, sheath stripper, etc.

Line Tester

Line tester is a very important tool that every electrical professional must have with them. Line testers are mainly used to check whether there is electricity available in the circuit or not. Nowadays, digital line tester is also available in the market that shows the voltage rating, earth fault, and many other important features.


A cutting plier or linesman plier is helps to twist the wires as well as cutting. The top end of the plier is flat size where the wire can be twisted and in the center position, the wire can be cutted. Pliers are also available in different types. Pliers are not only used for cutting or twisting the wires, even it used for cable pulling, nut fighting, holding, etc.

Measurement Tape

Measurement tape is a tool that is used for electrical works as well as other works. The main use of the measurement tape is to measure the length, distance, etc. Measurement are available in so many types such as automatic electrical measurement tape, Fish tape, and many so others.

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