Voltage Regulator IC List with Part Number and Features

Here, is the list of voltage regulator IC with Part Numbers and Descriptions,

Fixed 1A Output Positive Voltage Regulator ICs,
  • LM7805 - Output 5V, 1A
  • LM7806 - Output 6V, 1A
  • LM7808 - Output 8V, 1A
  • LM7809 - Output 9V, 1A
  • LM7810 - Output 10V, 1A
  • LM7812 - Output 12V, 1A
  • LM7815 - Output 15V, 1A
  • LM7818 - Output 18V, 1A
  • LM7824 - Output 24V, 1A
**These LM7805 to LM7824 Series ICs are mostly used in DC Power supply circuits where a constant 1A output current is obtained with a positive voltage.**

Fixed 1.5A negative voltage regulator ICs,
  • LM7905 - Output -5V, 1.5A
  • LM7912 - Output -12V, 1.5A
  • LM7915 - Output -15V, 1.5A
**In these above ICs you will get negative output voltage with a constant 1.5A current**

Other Fixed Voltage Regulator ICs,
  • LM123 and LM323 - Fixed 3A, 5V Output
  • LM145 and LM345 - Fixed 3A, -5V Output
  • LM120 and LM320 - Fixed 1.5 A negative voltage regulator (-5 V, -12 V, -15 V)
  • LM325 - Dual ±15-volt voltage regulator

Adjustable Voltage Regulator IC List,
  • LM138, LM338 - Here voltage can be varied from 1.2V to 32V with 5A output current
  • LM150 and LM350 - Adjustable 3 A, positive voltage regulator (1.2 V-33 V)
  • LM117 and LM317 - Adjustable 1.5 A positive voltage regulator (1.25 V-37 V)
  • LM333 - Adjustable 3A negative voltage regulator (-1.2 V to -32 V)
  • LM237 and LM337 - Adjustable negative voltage regulator with 1.5A output current (-1.2 V to -37 V)
  • LM105 and LM305 - Adjustable positive voltage regulator (4.5 V-40 V)
  • LM140 and LM340 - Adjustable positive voltage regulator with 1A output current(5V,12V, 15V)

You can download the below image to see the voltage regulator IC list.

Voltage Regulator IC List with numbers

What is a Voltage Regulator IC?

The voltage regulator IC is a semiconductor chip consisting of voltage regulator circuits inside it. It has a metallic terminal brought outside to connect with external power circuits. So if you do not want to build a voltage regulator circuit by connecting different components then just purchase a specific voltage regulator IC and connect it to the circuit.
There are two types of Voltage Regulator ICs are available in the market,

Fixed Voltage Regulator - Fixed Voltage regulators are those that provide a constant output voltage and we cannot vary the voltage as per our requirement. For example, LM7805 is a fixed voltage regulator IC that always provides a fixed 5V output voltage.

Adjustable Voltage Regulator - Adjustable voltage regulators are those where we can adjust or vary the output voltage as per our requirement by connecting an external component such as a potentiometer. For example, LM350 is an adjustable voltage regulator IC. Here we can adjust the output voltage from 1.2V to 33V.

Remember that the IC number is very important. In the above section, we have given a voltage regulator IC list with their features in a short. So first of all, select the IC number according to your requirement, then go to purchase with that particular IC number. But keep in mind that, before connecting a voltage regulator IC to your circuit must check the Datasheet to make sure if it is suitable for your applications.

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