10+ Common Real Examples of Integrated Circuits

Examples of Integrated Circuits

Common Real examples of Integrated Circuit are,
  1. Microprocessor
  2. Microcontroller
  3. CPU(Central Processing Unit)
  4. Voltage Regulator ICs 7805, 7812, 7824
  5. Smartphone Processor
  6. Timer IC 555
  7. Motor Driver IC L293D, L293NE
  8. LED Driver IC 7733
  9. Bridge Rectifier IC RB156
  10. Power Amplifier IC LM384, LM386
  11. Logic Gate ICs - IC 7400, 7402, etc

An integrated circuit is a set of multiple electronic circuits or a large single complex electronic circuit placed inside a semiconductor chip. An integrated circuit is a solution to reduce the size of the circuit, make its operation faster, and many more. In short integrated circuit is known as IC.

There are three types of designs are used to build an Integrated Circuit - Analog Design, Digital Design, and Mixed Design. Digital electronic ICs are built for digital circuits such as logic gates, processors, etc whose fundamental blocks are transistors, diodes, etc.

Analog Integrated Circuits are built for analog electronic circuits such as amplifier circuits, filter circuits, oscillator circuits, etc. The analog integrated circuit is built with resistors, capacitors, oscillators, etc.

Mixed Integrated Circuits are those where both analog and digital circuits are combined. Some examples of mixed integrated circuits are Analog to Digital Converter IC and Digital to Analog Converter IC, etc.

Now, let's talk about the examples listed in the above section.


A microprocessor is an example of an Integrated circuit that processes electronic signals. A microprocessor is a digital electronic device that performs so many arithmetic and logical operations. The microprocessor is a standalone device that works with digital signals only with given instructions. It delivers a very low voltage and current in its output. The main function of a microprocessor is to process only not control. Some examples of microprocessors are 8085, 8086, etc.


A microcontroller is built with a microprocessor and some additional circuits so it can control different types of external loads. IC 8051 is an example of a microcontroller.

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

CPU is also an example of an integrated circuit that is used in computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, automation devices, machines, etc.

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