10+ Examples of DC Circuits

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Here the common examples of DC circuits are,
  1. Electronic Chopper Circuit
  2. Digital Electronic Circuits
  3. LED Chaser Circuit
  4. Three-Point and Four Point Starter
  5. Remote control Circuit
  6. Electronic Circuit inside mobile
  7. Solar Charging Circuit
  8. Electronic Toy control Circuit
  9. Transistor Radio Internal Circuit
  10. LED Driver Circuit
  11. Power Bank Circuit

DC Circuits are those where only direct current flows from the power source to load and other components. In a DC circuit, the magnitude and direction of the flowing current are constant, but they do change with time. Also, in the DC circuits, there is no inductive and capacitive reactance occurs. The source of the power supply has a fixed polarity such as positive and negative. Also, remember that there is no power factor in the DC circuit because current and voltage always in the same phase so there is no angle between voltage and current.

Now, let's discuss the examples of DC circuits listed in the above section.

The first one is the Electronic Chopper circuit. An electronic chopper circuit is a DC voltage converter circuit, either it steps up the voltage or steps down the voltage. The converter circuit that steps up the voltage is known as the boost converter and the converter circuit that steps down the voltage is known as the buck converter circuit. Basically, it uses the ultra high speed switching principle using semiconductor devices such as MOSFET, and IGBT to change the DC voltage level.

Digital Electronics circuits only work with a DC power supply. Basically, the fundamental of the digital electronic circuit is the switching circuit(either ON or OFF). When it is 'ON' the level will be considered as the high or binary number 1 and when it is 'OFF' the level will be considered as a low or binary number 0. Even Digital electronic circuits are designed to work with low voltage DC supplies.

LED Chaser circuit is also an example of a DC circuit. We know that LED is basically a diode(unidirectional device). So it works with DC supply only. LED chaser circuit is a programmatic circuit, it contains multiple LEDs and they glow or blink according to the program.

Three-Point and Four Point starters are the DC starters that are used to control DC motors. They provide speed control, overload protection, short circuit protection, and over-current protection. Now the question is if we apply AC supply to these starter what will happen. The simple answer is these will not work properly because the magnetic coil of these starters are designed to work with DC power supply only.

The remote control circuit is also a DC circuit that takes the DC power supply from the batteries and executes their function. Some examples are TV remote control, DVD player remote Control, Air Conditioner, etc. In those devices, you will see the batteries are mostly connected in series. And the battery provides DC power supply, so obviously the functional circuit is a DC circuit.

A solar Charging circuit is built with solar panels, charging circuits, batteries, etc. We know that the solar photovoltaic cell used in solar panels generates DC voltage only. The charging circuit used in the solar charging circuit just helps to provide the proper voltage and current to the battery for charging, it does not convert the nature of the power supply as there is no requirement for it. And, finally, the battery is a storage device that stores electrical energy in form of DC only.

Electronic toys and gadgets are also built with DC circuits and DC components as they are supplied battery or DC adapter. Even remember that almost all the electronic circuits and devices are designed to operate with a DC power supply.

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