Series Circuit Examples and Applications

examples of series circuit

Here, is the list of common examples of series circuit,
  1. Old String Fairy Lights
  2. Old Christmas Tree Lights
  3. Old Radio Battery Circuit
  4. Remote Controller Battery Circuit
  5. Switch and Light Connection
  6. Ceiling fan and Regulator Connection
  7. Series Resonance Circuit
  8. Flashlights
  9. Series RL Circuit
  10. Series RC Circuit
  11. RLC Series Circuit
  12. Blocking Filter

Series circuits are those where the multiple components are connected in series. Where the flow of current through each component is the same but the voltage drop across individual components is not the same, it depends upon their own resistance. We know that when we connect the multiple resistors in series the total resistance of the circuit will increase.

Now let's discuss about those examples, so you will get a clear idea of a series circuit. You will see in older string fairy lights multiple numbers of bulbs are connected in series. Those bulbs are designed to operate from 3V to 5V. But a complete fairy light is built to operate with either 120V(for the USA) or 230V(for India).  So multiple bulbs are connected in series according to the operating voltage. For example, a fairly light is built with 5V bulbs and the main supply input voltage is 230V. So almost 46 numbers of 5V bulbs are connected in series. Even if you will see if any one of them is damaged the whole row will not work. Old Christmas lights are also built with the same ideas. Modern string fairy lights are built with LEDs. In most of the cases, they are connected in parallel. But nowadays also, you will get the fairy lights that are built with series circuits.

We know a switch is always connected in series with a lamp or any other loads. So it can be an example of a series circuit. A switch is connected in series to make the circuit open or close. So when the circuit is the closed condition, the load will get a power supply from the power source and it will work. When we operate the switch to turn off, the circuit will be open so the load will disconnect from the power supply and it will not work.

The ceiling fan and regulator connection is also a series circuit because the regulator is connected in series with the ceiling fan. Generally, the regulator is connected to the phase wire. The regulator basically controls the flow of current to the ceiling fan.

You will be seen almost all the remote controllers (TV, DVD, AC) have two or more than two batteries. These batteries are connected in series. Same the old radios also have multiple batteries. It will be better if we tell dry cells. These batteries in the radio are also connected in series. Now the question is why these batteries are connected in series. We know that when we connect multiple batteries in series the overall total voltage is increased. That is why these batteries are connected in series.

Blocking filter circuits such as series inductors or series capacitors are also series circuits. They are designed to block either high-frequency signals or low-frequency signals. We know that an inductor blocks a high-frequency signal and passes a low-frequency signal whereas a capacitor passes a high-frequency signal and blocks a low-frequency signal.

Applications and Uses of Series Circuit

  1. Series Circuits are used to divide the voltage such as string lights.
  2. Series circuits are used to power control for a load such as light and switch connection.
  3. Series circuits are used to add voltages such as battery connection in series.
  4. Series circuits are used to increase the resistance such as series resistor circuits.

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