Electrical Control System Examples and Types

electrical control system examples

The most common examples of electrical control system are,
  1. Air Conditioning System
  2. Light On/Off Control
  3. Refrigeration System
  4. Washing Machines
  5. Remote Control System
  6. Automatic Iron
  7. Automatic Water Level Controller
  8. Automatic Traffic Light System
  9. Automatic Bell
  10. Voltage Stabilizing
  11. Fire alarm System

What is Electrical Control System?

An electrical control system is an interconnection between multiple electrical or electronic devices, and circuits and they work with help of each other to generate the output. An electrical control system has three major parts - 1. Input  2. Proces  3. Output. Here, whole system is controlled using electrical current. In a control system, all the devices and components partially or fully depended to each other. All of them help to generate to produce the output.


First of all, we have to provide input to the control system. It may be a command or instruction. The input system of an electrical control system can be given in different ways. For example, in a digital control system, we can give input through a keypad. The other examples of input devices are a switch, microphone, joystick, etc. Basically, the input system is the mediator to provide an input to a control system. The input system may contain conversion devices or circuits such as transducers. The transducer is a device that converts the physical quantity into electrical quantity.


It is the main part of a control system where all the input signals processing. Generally, all the complex control system has a processor that takes all the inputs and feedback signal and then processed them. After processing it generates the output signals. For example, in the automatic traffic light system, generally, a microcontroller is used as a processing unit. Also remember that in the digital control system, the input signal is to be converted. That means if it is in the analog form then it is to be converted into digital form. Because the processor can process digital signals only. So after processing, the generated signal from the processor is again converted into a digital signal.


The output system is that provides a signal from the processor to the outer world. Some output devices are speakers, monitors, actuators, etc. So you may understand, here also transducer required that convert electrical quantity into physical quantity. These are also known as ground devices.

Electrical Control System Types

There are major two types of electrical control system,
  1. Open Loop Control System
  2. Closed-Loop Control System

Open Loop Control System

An open-loop control system is that where no connection between output and input. It is a very simple control system. Here, we just need to provide input and we will get output after processing. Light control using a single-pole switch can be an example of open-loop control system, where we just need to turn on or turn off the switch to control the light. Here, we does not take any feedback signal from the output to input.

Closed-Loop Control System

Closed loop control system is that where the input is connected to the output through an feedback path. Closed loop control system mostly works automatically. Automatic heater is an example of closed loop system. Closed loop system are complex than open loop systems. The processing unit process both the input signal and feedback signal to generate the output signal. Closed loop control system has so many advantages than an open loop control system.

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