LED Driver IC List with Part Number and Features

Here is the list of LED Driver IC with part numbers and features,
  • BP1808 - DC/DC Constant Current LED Driver
  • MIC2860 - Two-Channel White LED Driver
  • LM3914 - Multiple LED Driver
  • LM3405 - Constant 1A LED Driver
  • MAX16840 - LED Driver IC for 12V and 24V AC input
  • AP1695MTR-G1 - LED Driver for 25V
  • TLE4242GATMA3 - LED Driver for 45V
  • BP3316D - High Precision LED Driver
  • TPS61042 - Constant Current LED Driver

You can download the below image to see the LED Driver IC list with their part numbers and features.

LED Driver IC List with Part Number and Features


It is a DC/DC constant current LED Driver with an operating input voltage of 3V to 60V. It can be operated in Buck, Boost, and Buck-Boost Topology. 

  • Wide 3V to 60V Input Voltage Range
  • Supporting Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost Topology
  • Integrated 70V/300mΩ MOSFET
  • ±3% LED Output Current Accuracy
  • Combined Analog and PWM Dimming
  • It supports a Fixed 420kHz Operating Frequency
  • VDD Undervoltage Protection
  • Programmable Overvoltage Protection
  • Adjustable Soft-Start Facility
  • It supports the thermal regulation function
  • Cycle-by-cycle peak current limiting
  • Automotive LED Lighting System
  • Solar LED Lighting System
  • MR16 LED Lighting System
  • Smart Dimming LED Lighting Control


It is a microchip SMD type LED driver IC used to drive two WLED together to extend battery life.

  • High Efficiency as there is no switching loss
  • No Charge Pumps
  • 2 WLED Driver Channels
  • Single Wire Digital Control
  • Input Voltage Range - 3.0V to 5.5V
  • More than 1 percent current accuracy
  • Matching better than 0.5% 

  • Digital Cameras
  • Mobile Handset
  • Portable Media/MP3 Players
  • GPS devices
  • Portable electronic tools and gadgets


LM3914 is a DIP package Multiple LED Driver IC that can drive a maximum of 10 LEDs per channel. It is also known as Display Driver IC. It has a total of 18 Pins.

  • The IC LM3914 can drive LCDs, LEDs otherwise vacuum fluorescents. The dot otherwise bot display mode can be selected by the user externally.
  • There is no multiplex switching or interaction between outputs
  • It can be expandable up to 100 displays.
  • The internal voltage ranges from 1.2V-12V
  • But it can withstand up to 35V without any damage or false output
  • The operating voltage will be less than 3V
  • The programmable output current ranges from 2 mA-30 mA
  • Multiplex switching is not necessary for communication among outputs.
  • The outputs of LED drivers are open collectors and current regulated.
  • The output interfacing can be done by CMOS logic otherwise TTL

  • LM3914 is used in Battery Meters for Robot and automation devices
  • It can be used for Monitoring of 12V Car Battery
  • It is used in Tester Circuits for Soil Moisture
  • Monitoring of Lead Acid Battery Charger
  • Charge Monitoring Circuit for Atmospheric
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fan for Controlling Temperature
  • Meter Circuit for Temperature
  • Digital gauges
  • Electronic displays consist of LEDs
  • Low-cost monitor devices
  • Crude Battery level indicators
  • Fade bars


It is a constant current Buck LED Driver IC.

  • Input Operating Voltage 3V to 22V
  • Can drive up to five LEDs in series with high brightness
  • 300 milliohm NMOS Switch
  • Overload Protected
  • Thermal Shut Down
  • Cycle by Cycle Current Limit
  • Internally compensated current mode control

  • Domestic LED Lightbulbs
  • Industrial Lighting System
  • LED Flashlight
  • Constant Current LED Drivers

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