Procedure and Diagram for Wiring an Outlet Explained

Hey, in this article we are going to see the Outlet wiring diagram and will know the procedures for wiring an outlet. An electrical outlet is an arrangement to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another circuit by temporary connection. Generally, the electrical power supply is connected to the input terminals and when we need to operate any electrical equipment or device, just we need to connect the power plug of the equipment to the outlet. The outlet is also known as a receptacle. There are many advantages of using an outlet in your home, office, or any living area. Outlet available in all acceptable and mostly used voltage and current ratings. An outlet can deliver low to very high currents. The outlet is best for outdoor as well as indoor wet place areas.

Outlet Terminals Identification

Here, you can see the terminals of an outlet in the below diagram.

Outlet Terminal Diagram, outlet terminal identification

You can see that the outlet has a total of five terminals. On the right side, two terminals are provided with two brass screws. Remember that both of the terminals are connected to each other. Those right-side terminals are to be connected to the live or phase power supply. Both of the terminals are required when you connect multiple outlets in a series combination. The upper left side terminals are for the neutral. These two terminals are also connected together. These are made of silver screws. The left side lower terminal is for grounding or earthing. It is a single terminal.

Procedure for Wiring an Outlet

The procedure is very simple. Connect the phase terminal of the power supply to the right side of any one of the screws. Connect the neutral terminal of the power supply to the left side of any one of the screws. Connect the ground or earthing wire to the earthing screw. Here, you can see the diagram for a better understanding.

Procedure for wiring an outlet, outlet wiring procedure, outlet connection procedure

Single Outlet Wiring Diagram

Here, you can see the wiring diagram of outlet(single).

Single Outlet Wiring Diagram, outlet wiring connection, outlet connection

Double Outlet Wiring Diagram

Connecting two outlets is also very simple. Here, in the below diagram the two outlets are connected in series. First, connect the main power supply to the upper terminals of the first outlet. Then connect the lower terminals of the first outlet to the upper terminal of the second outlet. See the below diagram for your reference.

Double Outlet Wiring Diagram, two outlet connection

Multiple Outlet Wiring in Series Connection

Each of the outlets has two terminals for both phase and neutral. So, if you want to connect multiple outlets in series, follow the below diagram. The main disadvantage of the series outlet connection is that one faulty outlet can interrupt the power supply of the other outlets connected to it.

Multiple Outlet Wiring in Series, outlet series connection

Multiple Outlet Wiring in Parallel Connection

Here, you can see the wiring diagram of outlet connected in parallel combination. The main advantage of the parallel outlet connection is that all the outlets are independent of each other. So damaging any outlet cannot affect other outlets.

Multiple Outlet Wiring in Parallel, outlet parallel connection

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