Single Pole MCB Wiring and Connection Diagram

In this article, we are going to see a single-pole MCB connection diagram. MCB means Miniature Circuit Breaker. MCB is an electrical protective device that can protect the electrical circuit or equipment from two major dangerous electrical faults - 1. Overload fault 2. Short Circuit fault. Single pole MCBs are available in different current ratings such as - 6A, 10A, 16A, 32A, etc. 

Single pole MCBs are used where the neutral of all individual loads are connected together and the single pole MCB is connected with the phase wire. Although single-phase MCBs have limited applications, but they use some small and important applications. Some applications of single-pole MCBs are - outdoor street lights, the input of control circuits, testing boards, domestic distribution boards, etc.

Single Pole MCB Connection for loads with common neutral

Single Pole MCB Wiring connection, wiring of single pole MCB

Here you can see all the individual loads are commonly neutral connected but each has an individual single pole MCB so when any overload or short circuit fault happens with a load, then the MCB for that load only be tripped and other loads will work normally. You can also see, that some of the loads are connected with the same rating and some of them are connected with a different rating MCB according to their requirements.

How to Do Single Pole MCB Connection

1. First select an MCB with a proper rating which must be appropriate to your load.

2. Check the input and output side of the MCB which may be written or printed on your MCB. If there is no mention, it is good to connect the input down the side and connect the output upside.

3. If you have multiple loads and they are connected with a common neutral then make the circuit as given above.

Multiple Single Pole MCB wiring with a Double Pole MCB as input

single pole mcb connection diagram, connection of single pole mcb

The above wiring diagram is mostly seen for the Distribution Board in our household wiring. After the energy meter, this distribution board is connected from where the electrical power supply is divided or supplied to each individual room. Here the double pole MCB is the main incoming MCB. By turning it off the power supply of the total house will be turned off. The output of each single pole MCB goes to the different rooms. Remember that this wiring will supply only lights, fans, and small electrical equipment. When refrigerators, washing machines, and AC(Air Conditioners) are used then separate double MCBs are used for them.

In this connection, each single pole MCB may have a different or same current rating according to the requirement. And the most important thing is that the current rating of the double pole MCB must be greater than the total of all single-phase MCB current ratings. Here neutral of all rooms is to be  connected to the neutral link and the phase of each room is to be connected with individual MCBs

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