Shunt Capacitor Use, Applications, Advantages

Hey, in this article we are going to know the important applications and use of Shunt Capacitor. Shunt Capacitors have some important advantages and features also. Generally, the shunt capacitors come with a bank, it is called Shunt Capacitor bank. A single shunt capacitor is not usable, generally, the shunt capacitor banks are used.

You can see the internal diagram of a shunt capacitor bank.

Shunt capacitor bank internal connection diagram, Shunt Capacitor use applications advantages

Here you can see there are five groups of elements are there. Each has three capacitors connected in parallel. You can also see there is a resistor is connected to the output terminal of the shunt capacitor bank. This is the internal discharging resistor.

What is Shunt Capacitor?

Shun means Parallel. In simple words, the capacitor is connected in parallel with a load or power supply is called Shunt Capacitor. The series and parallel combination of a no. of shunt capacitors is called Shunt Capacitor Bank. So shunt capacitor is not a special device. It is a normal capacitor only, it is called a shunt capacitor because of its parallel connection with the load. Shunt Capacitors are used in Transmission lines, power systems, with inductive loads. So AC or non-polarized capacitors are used as Shunt capacitors. For DC circuits or DC applications polarized capacitors are used.

In a single-phase system shunt capacitors are connected in a simple parallel combination. But in a three-phase system, Shunt Capacitors are connected in either the Star connection or Delta Connection. Generally, a Star connection mostly preferred as voltage stress across the capacitor is decreased.

Where and Why Shunt Capacitor Used?

1. Electrical Power Distribution System:

In an electrical power distribution system, shunt capacitors are used. Generally, shunt capacitors or shunt capacitor banks are connected in parallel with each feeder to improve the power factor of that particular feeder.

2. Electrical Transmission line:

Shun Capacitor bank is also used in long-distance transmission lines. In long-distance transmission lines(above 66KV) shunt capacitor banks are used to increase the electrical power transfer capability without extra conductors. The shunt capacitor is also used to balance voltage fluctuations.

3. Electrical Substation:

Shunt Capacitor Banks are used in electrical substations also. When the load is increased above its limit the voltage level will decrease. Due to this all loads connected to that line or feeder will be affected. So Capacitor banks are used in substations to balance the voltage level during an overload or load variation. They are also used for power factor correction also. Shunt capacitors are also used in electrical substations as reactive power sources to supply the reactive loads.

4. Inductive Load

Shunt capacitors are used with inductive loads like Induction Motors, Transformers, etc. The main purpose of using shunt capacitors or shunt capacitor banks is to improve the power factor. Generally, the shunt capacitor bank is connected in parallel with the inductive load.

5. Filter Circuit

Shunt capacitors are also used for filtering purposes. Shunt capacitors can remove noise and distortion from AC supplies. Generally, shunt capacitors are used somewhere in the electrical power transmission and distribution system to filter the electrical power. Not only AC circuits, in DC circuits such as Rectifier Circuits, power supply circuits, electronic tunning circuits, and shunt capacitors are used for filtration purposes.

Shunt Capacitor Applications

The applications of shunt capacitors are already explained in the above section. Anyway, if we see in short the important applications are - 

1. Shunt capacitor has applications in Electrical Transmission Line, Distribution Lines, Substations, etc.

2. The shunt capacitor has applications in AC and DC filter circuits.

3. Shunt capacitor used for Decoupling and Bypass purposes in electronic circuits.

4. Shunt capacitors are used to store electrical energy for a short time in several applications like flash lightning.

5. Shunt capacitors are very useful to improve the power factor of an electrical circuit having inductive loads.

Shunt Capacitor Advantages

1. Using Shunt capacitors provides a very easy, low-cost, and simple method to improve power factor than other methods like the synchronous motor method.

2. Capacitors are the lightest device so the shunt capacitors or shunt capacitor banks are easily installed anywhere.

3. There is no complexity in connecting shunt capacitors internally to each other or externally to the load.

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