Various Types of Transducer Example with Applications

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There are various types of Transducer are available. Each of them has different applications, advantages, and disadvantages. In modern days, all sensing devices, and automation devices use transducers for their operation. Even an electronic device may contain various types of transducers together. Here we will discuss Various Types of Transducer Examples with their Applications.

A Transducer is a device that can convert one form of energy to another form. A transducer is mainly used for the transformation of energy for measurement and sensing purposes.

Transducer Types

There are different types of transducers available and they are classified based on many things,

Types of Transducer based on Power Supply

There are some transducers that need an external power supply for their operation and some transducer available which does not need an external power supply. So based on the Power supply there are two types of transducers,

1. Active Transducer

There are some transducers are present which does not need any external power source, they are called Active Transducer. This type of transducer can create an electrical signal which is further used as an output signal.

2. Passive Transducer

There are some Transducers are present which need an external power supply for their operation, they are called Passive transducers.

Types of Transducer based on Measurement

A particular transducer cannot be used to measure all quantities. We need to use different transducers for different measurement purposes. Based on the measurement Transducer types are given below,

1. Temperature Transducer

They are used to measure temperature.

2. Pressure Transducer

They are used to measure pressure such as mechanical pressure, Air pressure, liquid pressure, etc.

3. Displacement Transducer

This type of transducers is used to measure the displacement of any moving object.

4. Flow Transducer

This types of transducers are used to measure the flow of liquid or air.

Types of Transducer based on Principle of Operation

   1. Photovoltaic
   2. Piezoelectric
   3. Chemical
   4. Electromagnetic
   5. Mutual Induction
   6. Thermoelectric
   7. Electrostatic
   8. Electromechanical
   9. Electrochemical
  10. Radioacoustic

Example of Transducer

Example of Active Transducer

Thermocouples, Piezoelectric Transducers, Some capacitive transducers, Photodiode, Hall Effect Sensor, etc

Examples of Passive Transducer

LDR(Light Depending Resistor), Thermistor, LVDT, Strain Gauge, etc

LVDT, LVDT application, Transducer Application

Example of Temperature Transducer

Thermistor, Thermocouple, RTD(Resistance Temperature Detector), IR Temperature Sensor

Pressure Transducer Example

Piezoelectric Transducer, Diaphragm, Strain Gauge, Bellows

Displacement Transducer Example

LVDT(Linear Variable Differential Transformer or Transducer), Potentiometer

The other examples of Transducer are Microphone, Loudspeaker, Photoresistors, Phototransistors, CRT(Cathode Ray Tubes)

Transducer Application

Application of Temperature Transducer

1. Temperature transducers are used in modern automatic temperature control air conditioner.
2. They are used automatic temperature control cooling system in the industry.
3. they are also used in the heating and ventilation system.

Application of Pressure Transducer

1. Pressure transducers are used in weight machines.
2. Pressure transducer such as Hydrophone is used for water pressure measurement.
3. Pressure transducer such as Gramophone is used for measurement of air pressure.

Application of Displacement Transducer

1. Displacement transducer such as Potentiometer, LVDT are used for displacement. 
2. Displacement transducers are used in analog speed meter.
3. Displacement transducers are used in robotics and automation systems to measure the position and movement of robotic arms, grippers, or other mechanical components.
4. Displacement transducers are used in machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.

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