List of Sensors used in Car and Their Function

List out the sensors used in car

Here is the list of sensors used in cars,
  1. Voltage Sensor
  2. Vehicle Speed Sensor
  3. Engine Speed Sensor
  4. Automotive Reverse Sensor
  5. Mass Air Flow Sensor(MAF)
  6. Coolant Temperature Sensor(CTS)
  7. Fuel Temperature Sensor
  8. Spark knock Sensor
  9. Throttle Position Sensor
  10. Exhaust Temperature Sensor
  11. Camshaft Position Sensor
  12. Knock Sensors
  13. Intake Air Temperature Sensor(IAT)
  14. Crankshaft Sensor
  15. Oxygen Sensor
  16. Manifold Absolute Pressure(MAF) Sensor
  17. Automotive Rain Sensor

The sensor is a device that senses the environmental changes around it and generates an output signal( mostly electrical or electronic signal). Now, let's discuss the importance and function of some of those sensors. Also, we can call them as automobile sensors.

Voltage Sensor

There are different types of electrical and electronic systems are installed in a car. The voltage sensor senses the voltage to monitor if is it healthy or not. The voltage sensor helps to send the status of the voltage to the main controller.

Vehicle Speed Sensor

The vehicle speed sensor is used to monitor or measure the speed of the vehicle. Generally, it is installed inside the Anti Breaking System or ABS. It uses a tachometer to measure the rotational speed so it can calculate the speed of the car. It also gives the signal to the audiometer so we can read the speed easily.

Engine Speed Sensor

It is different from the vehicle speed sensor. It is generally used to monitor or measure the rotation speed of the engine so the fuel can be injected from time to time. Basically, it monitors the crankshaft rotating speed so it can measure the engine speed.

Automotive Reverse Sensor

It helps when we move the car in the reverse direction. It can sense if any objects are available on the backside. Generally, these sensors use SONIC waves to detect the object. It throws the sonic beams. If any object is available then it will reflect the sonic wave towards the sensor, so the sensor will inform that an object is available.

Mass Air Flow Sensor(MAF)

It is used to measure or calculate the air density inside the engine. Generally, it is controlled by the computer or programming devices fitted in the car. By chance, if the sensor is unable to work it will stop the car immediately. There are two types of MAF sensors are available in the market - 1. Vane Meter and 2. Hot Wire Type

Coolant Temperature Sensor(CTS)

Coolant is a type of liquid is used to make cool or reduce the temperature of the engine. It is used to measure the temperature of the coolant. It is fitted with a coolant hose.

Fuel Temperature Sensor

By measuring the temperature of the fuel in a car, the speed of the fuel injection to the engine is controlled. When the temperature is low, the density of the fuel is high so it takes more time to burn. If the temperature is high, means the density of the fuel is low, so it will take less time to burn. According to the burning time amount of fuel injection is controlled.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is the most essential sensor in a car. As the car is operated with fuel that is nothing but a chemical. So the oxygen sensor is used to monitor chemical reactions during the burning of fuel, monitor the exhaust gasses produced by the engine, etc.

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