What is Program and Programming Laguage? Importance

What is Program? What is Programming language in computer? Importance of Programming Language.

You may have heard the names of many programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Python but do you know exactly what is a program? what is a programming language? Now everybody can understand What is Program? What is Programming language in computer? Importance of Programming Language. Actually when we hear about programming, then we think about the computer. If you think that the only computer needs a program for its operation then I will say it is wrong.

                             Nowadays, we use many smart electronics products which are needed for programming for their operation.  You may have a question about why they need programming. Because they have a Processor.  A processor is a digital circuit consisting of active and passive elements(like transistors, Logic gates, resistors, and capacitors) that takes inputs through input devices and after processing it gives outputs through output devices.   The processor needs programming for its operation. 

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What is a Program? What is a Programming language in the computer? Importance of Programming Language.

                           Actually, the concepts of programming come from the operation of a microprocessor or processor. A processor or microprocessor cannot work without programming. Each microprocessor has its own instruction set based on its design. To operate the microprocessor, we must give instructions in binary language(machine language). 

                                          A program is a set of instructions given in sequence. It is very difficult to write programs in binary or sets of 0s and 1s. To overcome this problem Processor manufacturers have devised English-like words to represent the binary instructions of a machine. Programmers can write programs using these words which are called assembly language. Now there is another problem that as assembly languages are different for different machines, programs written in assembly language are not transferable from one machine to another machine. To overcome this problem such general-purpose languages as BASIC and FORTRAN have been devised. These languages are machine-independent.  These languages are called high-level languages.

                              Now you may have a question, how these languages can be used in each machine. The answer is another program is required called either a Compiler or an Interpreter. This compiler or interpreter translates high-level languages into the machine language compatible with the microprocessor being used in the machine. One more important thing is that, each microprocessor needs its own compiler or interpreter for each high-level language.

So it is cleared that programs or Programming languages are a process of operating a Microprocessor or a Processor by Humans.

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