Operating system | All types of Operating System Explained with examples

Explanation of all types of Operating System

The world becomes smarter day by day. We also should be smart. In modern days to become smarter, we should be connected with Technology. We are all should have at least the basic knowledge of technology. I'm not writing this post only for computer students. I am writing this article for all because we are all should know about it. In this post, we are going to know what is Operating System? and Types of the Operating System.

There are many types of Operating system but before going to know the types of Operating system we should know what is Operating system.

What is Operating System?

An Operating system nothing but a software that reduces our efforts to operate a computer or smartphone or any processor-based device by managing all hardware and resources. The Operating System is also called System Software.

Let's understand the Operating System.
If you think that computer cannot run without an operating system then I will say it is wrong. Yes, it is true that computers are made in such a way that they need an operating system. The computer is nothing but a processor with its peripheral together. So to better understand the Operating system stop thinking about computer only think about the processor.

what is operating system in computer

Actually, the main unit of a computer is a Processor which needs the instruction for its operation. We can give the instruction in form machine language or in form of software or program to the processor for its operation. So we can operate a processor without an operating system only giving the programs but in the case of the computer, as we want to perform a lot of tasks that's why we use the Operating system to reduce the effort.

Suppose we want to transfer data one folder to another folder. How it possible? In this case, we need to write a program and given to the processor. After reading the program the processor will transfer the data one folder to another folder. In every day we do a lot of the data transfer operation. So we will lose a lot of time if we wrote the program for every operation. In this case, the operating system helps us. The operating system already has the program, we just need to click on the Move option then the data will be transferred.

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Actually, the main function of the operating system is to simply the works. In earlier days we needed to write programs for every operation like Copy. Move etc. But nowadays we do not need to write programs for those operations, just one click and the task will be complete.

The operating system also performs all the basics tasks of the different software installed on the computer. For example, we want to play a movie in VLC player and a song in KM Player. So for both cases, the VLC player and KM player need to take data from the memory. So the operating system gives the data from the memory to VLC player and KM player. So we can say the Operating System fills all the needs of the software.

As software communicates with hardware through the operating system in any computer the software or applications are made based on the operating system. For example, the application software VLC player available for different Operating systems. For this reason, we search on the INTERNET,  VLC player for Windows, VLC player for Mac etc and then we download the software.

Now let's go to know the types of Operating system. We use different types of Operating system to perform different types of Tasks.

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Types of Operating System:

There are many different types of Operating System we will discuss only important types,
  1. Batch Operating System
  2. Multiprogramming Operating System 
  3. Distributed Operating System
  4. Time-sharing Operating System
  5. Real-Time Operating System

What is Batch Operating System?

The batch operating system can be understood easily with an example. When we go to the shop to make copies of documents. We give the documents to the Xerox machine operator. Then the operator put the documents in the Xerox machine and print the copies. The batch operating system is very similar to this.

types of operating system, batch operating system

Batch operating system is a very old operating system. Peoples prepared their tasks on a card and had to submit to the computer operator. Then the computer operator group similar tasks into batches and give to the computer.  As the tasks are given to the computer in form of the batch it is called Batch operating system. The computer gives the output after performing all the tasks of the batch.

What is Multiprogramming Operating System?

In Single programming Operating system, when any program needs I/O operation at this time the processor does not do any work, therefore, there is waste of time. To overcome this problem multiprogramming operating system is used.
In multiprogramming operating system the Processor executes a no. of programs at a time. It is also possible for batch operation. Suppose we were given a batch of programs to the processor. The processor starts executing a program but when that program needs I/O operation the processor starts execution of another program.
So in Multiprogramming Operating System the processor never be Idle it works all time.

What is a Distributed Operating System?

This operating system is used when a no. of the computer are connected by a network and all the computer are performing the same task. The computers are may be connected to a server computer which manages all computer. All computer users can use that Server. For Example, the ATM system is an example of the distributed operating system. All the ATM machines are connected by a network and to the Bank Server. The bank Server manages all the ATM Machines.
The other example is when we using WhatsApp then we are all connected to the WhatsApp Server and that server provides or manages data.

types of operating system, distributed operating system

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What is Time-Sharing or Multitasking Operating System?

Don't confuse with Multiprogramming and Multitasking Operating system they are not same.
For example, you are working on MS Word and listening song using VLC Player together. In this case, the processor executing the programs of both tasks. The processor executes the programs of the MS Word for a certain time then it starts executing the programs of VLC Player and stop executing the programs of MS Word. After a certain time, it again starts executing the programs of MS Word and stop executing the programs of VLC Player. This process continues repeating until you use both software.

As in this operating system, the processor can multiple tasks it is called multitasking system and as the processor share time for executing the programs of the all multiple tasks that is why it is called Time sharing Operating system.

What is Real-Time Operating System?

In which operating system the processor takes a very small time to give output after giving the input. The real-time operating system mainly does data processing. In the industrial control system, these types of operating system are used. Suppose a company has a processor-based speed controller for the motor. The processor controls the speed of the motor according to the load on the motor and many other things. In this case, the processor gives output immediately after taking the input to control the speed.
Traffic light Control system, Robots also use the real-time operating system because they need to give response quickly.

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Examples of Operating System:

Operating Systems for Personal Computer,
The examples of the operating system which are used in personal computers are,
  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Apple Mac OS
  3. Linux
The examples of the operating system which are used in Servers are,
  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  2. Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  3. Linux Server Operating System
The examples of the operating system which are used in mobile phones,
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