Important Circuit Calculator Apps, Softwares, Online Tools

A Circuit Calculator is an Application or Software that helps us to measure or calculate different parameters and inputs, and outputs of an electrical or electronic circuit virtually. Basically, you have to put some data as input then the application or software performs calculations based on the input data and preloaded formulas and finally it will give you the output result. In electrical and electronic engineering, there are so many formulas and calculations. So these circuit calculator software and applications will save your time to calculate complex mathematics, parameters, etc.

Basically, those circuit calculator applications are built with different electrical formulas. All the processes, equations, and formulas are programmed and coded within those applications. Although these formulas or equations depend upon the types of applications or what they take as input and what they give as output.

Importance of Circuit Calculator

Circuit Calculators not only help for calculation during your study even they will also be very helpful for research, analysis, circuit design, estimation, process flow, decision making, and many more. For example, you are measuring current, voltages, and other important parameters of electrical or electronic circuits. Now you have to find out other parameters based on these values. Calculating on a paper is very difficult and time-consuming. So, just open a circuit calculator app suitable for your requirement and input your data then get the result within a second with just one tap. Nowadays you will get so many online tools, software, and applications for circuit calculators. Online tools are provided by different websites and blogs. But the disadvantages of these online tools are you need an internet connection while using them. There are so many mobile applications available for circuit parameter calculation. Even most of them you can use without any Internet connection.

Important Circuit Calculators for Electrical and Electronics Engineering

1. Ohm's Law Calculator

Ohm's law calculator is the most common and basic calculator to find out or calculate different parameters related to Ohm's law. The most common equations related to the ohm's law are,

V = IR  and P = VI

Here, V = Voltage, I = Current,  R = Resistance, and P = Power

Here, you can calculate any parameters having at least two parameters. For example, if you have the value of voltage and current then you can find out the value of power and resistance.

Now let's know how to use this Ohm's Law calculator step by step.

Let's think we have the value of voltage and Current.

1. Now put the value of voltage and select the range if it is in Volt, Kilo Volt, or Mega Volt.

2. Now, put the value of the current and select the range if it is in the milliampere or ampere, or kiloampere.

3. Now tap on the calculate button to get the values of power and resistance.

4. Don't forget to select the range of the output values. This means if you want to get the resistance value in Ohm then you must select the resistance range in Ohm or if you want to get the resistance in megaohm then you should select the resistance range in megaohm.

Although there are so many applications, software, and online tools are available for Ohm's law calculation but you can directly go by clicking on this,

2. Resistor Calculator

The resistor is used in almost all electrical and electronic circuits. The main important tool is the resistor value calculator from its color codes. We know that resistors have different color codes to indicate their values. There is a basic technique and formula to calculate the value of a resistor from its color codes. In fact, resistors have different color codes for tolerance to measure the value range along with its actual value. A resistor basically has three different color codes band colors, multiplier colors, and tolerance colors.

How to calculate the value of a resistor using its color codes.

1. First of all open a resistor value calculator application or any online tools.

2. Now, carefully identify all the colors available on the resistor.

3. Select the band colors on the calculator.

4. Select the multiplier color on the calculator.

5. Select the tolerance color on the multiplier.

6. Now, tap on the calculate button to see the value of the resistor.

Note that if you select any wrong color code then the value also be changed.

Here, you can use the online resistor calculator by clicking this below, Here, you can also calculate the series and parallel resistance in a circuit.

3. Coil Inductance Calculator

It is also a very important and useful tool required for both electrical and electronic circuits. The property of a coil by virtue of which it opposes the changes in the flow of current through it is known as inductance. We need to calculate the inductance of a coil when we calculate or design transformers, solenoids, or any coil-related circuits. In electronic circuits, such as tuning circuits, and RF circuits, and coil inductance calculator is required.

Here is the list of parameters we required to calculate the value of inductance,
  1. Coil Radius
  2. No. of Turns
  3. Solenoid Length
  4. Relative Permeability
Here, you can go to the online Inductance Calculator Tool

4. Series and Parallel Inductance Calculator

When multiple numbers of inductors are connected in series or parallel combinations then we need to calculate the total or equivalent inductance of the circuit. In this case, we need a series inductance calculator or a parallel inductance calculator. Here, you just need to put the value of individual inductors.

5. Series and Parallel Capacitance Calculator

Like, a resistor and inductor, a capacitor is also a passive component. It is also used in both electrical and electronic circuits. So when multiple numbers of capacitors are connected in a circuit then we need a capacitance calculator tool to calculate the total or equivalent value. When multiple capacitors are connected in series then we need a series capacitance calculator tool but when multiple capacitors are connected in parallel then we need a parallel capacitance calculator tool.

Circuit calculator, Capacitance calculator

Here, you can go to the online capacitance calculator tool.

These five calculators were the basic required tools for a simple circuit. There are so many tools and calculators available on the internet. You can try them as per your requirements.

How to calculate or analyze a circuit step by step?

1. First of all make sure which type of circuit it is that means AC or DC.

2. Note down all the values of each component of the circuit.

3. Measure all the other parameters as possible of the circuit such as voltage, and current.

4. Now make sure which parameter you need to calculate then take a calculator tool appropriate for your requirements.

5. Nowadays, there are so many circuit analyzer tools and circuit simulation tools available in the market where you can measure, calculate, and operate electrical and electronic circuits virtually.

Use these Online Calculators: 

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