CCTV Camera Wiring Diagram and Connection for Installation with DVR

Hey, in this article we are going to see the wiring diagram of CCTV Camera for installation with DVR. DVR means Digital Video Recorder. DVR is very cheap and very easy to install and set up. DVR is mainly used for personal, domestic CCTV camera installation such as in small shops, offices, classrooms, decorations, small events, etc. Anyway, here, we are going to see the overall setup diagram, so you can easily understand how the whole DVR system works.

Remember that here, we have shown all the essential and optional connections. So you may not need all those connections but you should know about all the connections. Here, the DVR shown in the below diagram has all types of ports. But your DVR may not have all the ports but this will help you how to use any port that your DVR has.

List of Devices Required for DVR CCTV Camera Installation

  • DVR(here we have used 8 channels, but you can use 4 or 16 channels as per your requirement)
  • Bullet or Dome type CCTV camera as per your requirement
  • TV/Monitor
  • HardDisk or any USB storage device if you want to store recording
  • USB Mouse
  • 12V DC Power Supply for camera high ampere
  • 12V DC adapter usually comes with a DVR
  • Coaxial Cable with BNC Connector(length & quantity as per your requirement)
  • Normal electrical wire or two core cable for power supply to camera with DC power connector(length & quantity as per your requirement)

DVR and CCTV Camera Wiring Diagram

Here, you can see the wiring diagram of CCTV camera with all essential and optional connections.

CCTV Camera Wiring Diagram and Connection Procedure for installation with DVR

Connection Procedure

Essential Connections - DVR, CCTV Cameras, Power Supplies, TV/Monitor, Storage Devices

  1. Connect all CCTV cameras with the DVR through BNC connectors with Coaxial Cable. All types of cameras such as Bullet and Dome need the same connection.
  2. Connect all the CCTV cameras to the 12V DC power supply using DC connectors and normal electrical wires or cables.
  3. Connect the power supply(230V) to the TV/Monitor using a power cable.
  4. Connect the TV/Monitor with your DVR using a VGA or RCA or HDMI port(whatever your DVR and TV have)
  5. Connect the Mouse to the DVR using the USB port.
  6. Connect your storage device to the DVR using the USB port.
  7. Connect the DC adapter to the DVR and power supply.

Optional Connections - Laptop/Computer, Wi-Fi router or Network, PTZ & Alarm, Microphone, Amplifier, and Speaker

  1. Generally, normal CCTV cameras have not been built with a Microphone. If your CCTV camera has a microphone, then it will have an RCA connector. So you can connect the camera microphone or any other standalone microphone to the DVR using RCA cables.
  2. DVR also has an RCA port for audio output, so you can connect an audio amplifier with the DVR using an RCA cable.
  3. If you want to connect the DVR to your Laptop or Computer you can use an HDMI cable. Even you can use an Ethernet cable with an RJ45 Connector for connecting a laptop or computer with a DVR but you may need additional settings or applications.
  4. The DVR can be connected to the Wi-Fi router or any other networking device using an ethernet cable with an RJ45 Connector. Wifi Router helps to get data in your remote devices such as smartphones. The Wi-Fi router also requires a power supply and it comes with its own DC adapter. So don't forget to connect it also.
  5. Some DVR has RS485 port. This is used for connecting PTZ such as Joystick controller and Alarm devices.

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