TV and Set Top Box Wiring and Connection Diagram Explained

Hey, in this article we are going to see the connection between a set-top box and a TV. The set-top box is basically a decoder device that converts and tunes the RF signals into actual content is to be displayed on the television or any other display device. The set-top box is used in cable television systems, satellite television systems, etc. Generally, it is built with a combination of an Input TV Tunner, Conversion, decoder circuit, and output driver circuit. Set-top allows different types of signals and connection mediums and according to it, there are different types of set-top boxes available in the market.

The set-top box can be connected to the signal source through the Ethernet Cable, coaxial cable, UHF antenna, satellite dish, telephone line, etc. Satellite dishes and UHF antennas are wireless connection systems whereas the coaxial cable is the normal cable connection. The set-top box that allows coaxial cable input has a cable converter that generally converts the source signal to the actual content. On the other hand, the set-top box that allows input signals from satellite dishes or antennas has a UHF converter. It converts the UHF signal into a VHF signal.

TV and Set-Top Box Wiring and Connection Diagram

Here, you can see the connection between the set-top box and the television.

TV and Set Top Box Wiring and Connection Diagram

As we know there are different types of set-top boxes and they allow different types of input. Here, we have shown coaxial cable input that may come from a satellite dish or from the cable operator. The connection between a set-top box and a TV can be done by using an HDMI port, VGA port, or RCA cable. Old televisions only have RCA connectors and modern TVs, LCD, LED support, VGA, and HDMI. But in most cases, an RCA connector is used which is why we have shown here an RCA cable.

Connection Procedure

1. Connect the cable that came from the satellite dish or the cable operator to the RF Input Port.

2. If you have another set-top box then connect the RF Output Port of the first set-top box to the RF input port of the second set-top box. The RF Out port is also known as the Loop Out Port for some Set-Top Boxes.

3. Now connect the Audio and video ports of the set-top box to the audio and video ports of the TV using RCA cables. Here, in the above wiring diagram, you can see the Left Channel Audio is marked as white color, the right channel audio is marked as red color and the video port is marked as yellow color. So, you need three RCA cables to connect all the audio and video ports.

4. Now connect your power adapter to the 5V DC port.

There are many types of set-top boxes are available in different types of price ranges. Some set-top box has a feature to connect an external hard drive or memory card. Here, we have shown only the RCA connection but if your set-top box has an HDMI port and your TV also supports an HDMI port then you must connect your TV with the set-top box by an HDMI cable. Because the HDMI provides excellent data transfer so you will get a better picture and sound quality.

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