Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Block Diagram Explained

Hey, in this article we are going to see Digital Signal Processing or DSP Block Diagram. From this block diagram of the Digital Signal Processing system, you can easily understand its working principle. When electronic or electrical signals are processed by a computer or any other processor in the digital form then it is called digital signal processing. We know that digital signals consist of binary components which means a high level or low level. So there is no continuous signal is used for the actual processing.

Here you can see the block diagram of DSP,

Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Block Diagram

The main parts of this DSP system are,
  • Input Transducer
  • Signal Conditioner or Amplifier
  • Antialiasing Filter
  • Analog to Digital Converter
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Digital To Analog Converter
  • Smoothing Filter
  • Amplifier
  • Output Transducer
Now, let's discuss how the digital signal processing system works.

Input Transducer makes a connection between the electronic system and the physical world. It is a device that converts physical quantity into electrical quantity or signal. For, example a microphone converts sound energy into electrical energy.

The transducer generates a very low magnitude or weak signal that can not be analyzed properly. So here we need an amplifier that can amplify the weak signal from the transducer into a high amplitude signal.

The next block is the filter. It filters the amplified signal by removing the unwanted noise signals.

Analog to digital converter or ADC converts the analog signal into a digital signal. After that, the digital signal is fed to the digital processor so the processor can process the signal. After completion of processing, the processed digital signal is converted into an analog signal by a Digital to Analog Converter(DAC).

The smoothing filter filters the analog signal that comes from the output of the digital-to-analog converter. After filtering the analog signal is sent to an amplifier circuit. Because now we need a very high magnitude signal that can drive the large loads such as speakers. These are also known as output transducer because it converts the electrical signal into other physical quantity such as sound, light, etc. So, you may understand the output transducer is just the opposite of the input transducer.

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