What is Time Switching or Time Division Switching? Explained

What is Time Switching or Time Division Switching

In the telecommunication system, two types of switching systems are used with multiplexing systems for data transmission purposes - 1. Space Division Switching or Space Switching and 2. Time Division Switching or Time Switching.

The switching system where data is transmitted through the same path but with a time interval is called time switching. For example, in an analog switching system, only the sample voltage is transmitted and they are treated as a digital binary signal. So, in this case, the binary data is transmitted with a time interval. Generally, the time-switching system is used for digital signal transmission purposes.

In this time-division switching system, the pulse code-modulated signals are present in the input and output ports of the device. And the device connects any input to any output with a fixed time variation. Once the input and output are connected they are ready for calling. So, as the incoming and outgoing signals are re-transmitted over a time interval after receiving, it is known as time-division multiplexing also.

The Time Division Switching is best for digital signals because they are already discrete in nature. The main difference between time division switching and space division switching is, data is not delayed or stored before transferring in the space division switching, it immediately transfers the data to its output once it got the input. On the other hand, the time division switching system stores the input data for a few times before sending it to its output. The other important difference is, the space division switching changes the path during data transmission whereas the time division switching changes the time during data transmission.

For a single-line communication system, time division switching is a continuous process whereas the space division process is not a continuous process.

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