Amplifier Block Diagram and Working Principle

Hey, in this article we are going to learn the basic working principle of an amplifier with its block diagram. First of all, let's know what is an amplifier is. In simple words, an amplifier is a device or circuit that amplifies the magnitude of any electrical or electronic signal. That means it can increase the strength of any weak signal. Don't confuse an amplifier with a step-up transformer. A step-up transformer just increases the voltage it cannot increase the power whereas an amplifier can increase the power which means it can increase both of the voltage and current.

Here, you can see a simple block diagram of an amplifier.

Amplifier Block Diagram, Block Diagram of Amplifier

Generally, an amplifier circuit is built with semiconductor components such as Transistors. A bipolar junction transistor or BJT can be used to build a very simple amplifier circuit.

Now, how an amplifier works?

An amplifier circuit takes two inputs - 1. the actual signal is to be amplified and 2. a constant DC power supply.

Basically, the amplifier circuit generates a high-magnitude signal just similar to the input signal with the help of the DC power supply. So it looks like the amplifier amplified the weak signal. In actuality, there is no connection between the input and output signal.

The above amplifier block diagram shows the actual concept of the working principle of the amplifier. The input signal for the amplifier can be obtained from the microphone or any other transducers whereas the output of the amplifier is used to drive the speaker or other driver loads.

In the above block diagram, you can see the waveforms where the input signal waveform has a low amplitude, the output signal waveform has a high amplitude and the Auxiliary supply waveform has a linear DC waveform.

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