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Serial ATA or SATA is a computer bus interface that is used to connect different types of storage devices such as hard disk drives, optical drives, solid-state drives, etc. SATA is an abbreviation for Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. A SATA connector is capable of transmitting much more data than a PATA cable and with a very high speed. Remember that a standard SATA connector is capable to handle or support up to 12Gb/S. PATA means Parallel ATA or Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment. PATA is a very old technology and it is used in old devices whereas SATA is a new technology and is used in almost all modern devices. A SATA COnnector is defined for two connectors one is for Data and another one is for Power. Generally, the connector for data consists of 7 pins whereas the connector for power consists of 15 pins.

Here, you can see the pinout diagram of a 15-pin SATA Connector. It is a Power Connector

15 Pin SATA Connector Pinout Diagram,

Here, you can see the SATA Connector Pinout for Data.

SATA Connector Pinout Diagram, Data

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