VGA, DVI, and HDMI Connector Pinout Diagram

VGA Connector Pinout Diagram

Here, you can see the pinout diagram of VGA port(female connector).

VGA Pinout Diagram, VGA Male Female Pinout

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array or Video Graphics Adapter. VGA is an analog interface that comes in form of a connector or port used to connect a monitor to a PC. Basically, it transmits video signals in three colors - Red, Green, and Blue. VGA is developed by IBM in 1987. It replaced the previous connector CGA and EGA.

The 15 pin VGA connector is most popular. It also gives options for horizontal and vertical Sync. Nowadays, all the LCD or LED monitors, displays come with at least one VGA for legacy PC and all the PCs come with at least one VGA port for the legacy monitor. As the VGA transmits analog signals, so it provides very low resolution and low-quality picture display on the screen. Also, note that VGA only transmits the video signal, it cannot transmit the audio signal.

DVI Connector Pinout Diagram

Here, you can see the pinout diagram of DVI Connector(DVI-I female)

DVI Pinout Diagram, DVI Female Pinout

DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface. It is developed by the Digital Display Working Group(DDWG). It is an interface to connect a video source to a display device. DVI can transmit uncompressed video signal multiple modes such as DVI-A transmitting analog signals only, DVI-D transmitting Digital Signal Only, and DVI-I transmitting both analog and digital signals. DVI can transmit audio signals also. As it transmits the uncompressed signals, it does not need any specific software or driver for its operation.

HDMI Connector Pinout Diagram

Here, you can see the pinout diagram of HDMI connector.

HDMI Pinout Diagram, HDMI Cable Pinout

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. HDMI is used to transmit compressed or uncompressed both video and audio signals. It transmits signals at a bit rate of up to 48Gbit/s(HDMI 2.1). The 19 pin HDMI connector is most usable in the latest devices. Nowadays, all PCs and Monitor has at least one HDMI port. HDMI cables are used to connect devices with HDMI ports and connectors. They provide a convenient and reliable way to transmit audio and video signals. HDMI cables are available in different versions, such as HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, and HDMI 2.1, each offering varying capabilities, including increased bandwidth, support for higher resolutions, and additional features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) and enhanced audio formats

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