Washing Machine Wiring, Internal Circuit and Connection Diagram

Hey, in this article we are going to see the electric washing machine wiring diagram, connection procedure, and internal circuit. A washing machine is one that washes and dries the clothes. Nowadays almost every house uses a washing machine to wash their clothes. A washing machine can save us so much time and effort. A washing machine is an electrical machine consisting of different types of electric motors, switches, times, buzzers, etc. So, as an electrician, you must know the internal working function of a washing machine. This will help you a lot to repair a washing machine. There are different types of washing machines from different manufacturers are available in the market, but all the washing machine works almost in the same principle. So, in this article, we are going to know the general knowledge and circuitry. First, of all let's see the diagram.

Washing Machine Wiring and Connection

Here, you can see the internal components and circuit of a washing machine.

Electrical Washing Machine Wiring and Connection Diagram, washing machine internal circuit

Internal Parts of the Washing Machine

Spin Motor

Spin Motor is also known as a dryer motor. It is used to dry the clothes. A spin motor is a single-phase induction motor. It has two windings Starting winding and running winding. It required a capacitor to start. Generally, a capacitor is used with this spin motor. Also, you can see in the above wiring diagram, a capacitor is connected to the spin motor. The spin motor is low power rated than the wash motor.

Wash Motor

A Wash motor is used to wash the cloth. It is more powerful than the spin motor because it has to make the movement of wet clothes with water. The wash motor is also a single-phase induction motor, it also has two windings - running winding and starting winding. Here also, a capacitor is required for its operation. The wash motor is subjected to rotate in both directions and it is done by the wash timer. The speed and torque of the Wash motor are more than the spin motor.

Spin Timer

Spin Timer is used to operate the Spin motor. A spin timer is a two-terminal device, it is to be connected with the spin motor and the power supply. Spin motor and Spin timer are used in both semiautomatic and automatic washing machines.

Wash Timer

The Wash Timer is used to operate the wash motor. The function of the wash timer is to rotate the wash motor with a preset time, change the direction of the rotation of the motor, and turn on the buzzer or alarm when washing is completed. There are different types of wash timers are available such as three-terminal wash timers, four-terminal wash timers, and six terminal wash timers.

Door Switch

The door switch provides the function to operate the washing machine when the door is only in closed condition. You can see the door switch is connected in series with the spin motor so, until the door is closed, the spin motor will not work. 

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