Most Important Electrical Wiring Diagram Symbols

Most Important Electrical Wiring Diagram Symbols

Hey, in this article we are going to know the most important electrical wiring diagram symbols. Here, we will see the most common symbols used in electrical engineering diagrams. If you are an electrical engineering student or professional then you must know these symbols. Because without knowledge of these symbols, you cannot able to read any electrical wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, or wiring diagrams.

Electrical Line/Conductor/Wire/Cable Symbol

It is the most important symbol to read any wiring diagrams. All the diagrams have these symbols.

Electrical Line/Conductor/Wire/Cable Symbol

Electric Line Crossing Symbol

When you are going to draw electrical wiring, then you must know this symbol.

Electrical Line Crossing Symbol

Electrical Conductor or Wire Joint Symbol

Electrical Conductor or Wire Joint Symbol

Grounding or Earthing Symbol

The symbol of grounding or earthing is also a very important symbol for electrical wiring diagrams and circuit diagrams. All the electrical installation, machinery, circuits should be connected to the ground.

Grounding or Earthing Symbol

Electric Light Symbol

Electric Light Bulb or Lamp Symbol

Battery Symbol

A battery is a device that can store electrical energy. A battery can store the DC supply only not AC. The battery is very helpful for emergency power supply and portable power supply purposes.

Double Cell Battery Symbol

Single Phase Transformer Symbol

A transformer is an electrical machine that transfers electrical energy from one circuit to another by changing its voltage level. A transformer is a very important machine and has a very important role in electrical engineering. So, you must know the symbol of transformer for electrical drawings.

Single Phase Transformer Symbol

Three-Phase Transformer Symbol

Three Phase Transformer Symbol

Single Phase Motor Symbol

Single Phase Motor Symbol

Three-Phase Motor Symbol

Three(3) Phase Motor Symbol

Alternator Symbol

An alternator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy in the form of alternating current or AC. Basically, its rotor is rotated by an external prime mover, and the electricity is generated on its stator coil.

Alternator Symbol

Generator Symbol

A generator is a machine that generates electricity. It may be AC or DC.
Electrical Generator Symbol

Electrical Switch Symbol

A switch is a device that is used to start or stop the flow of electric current in an electrical circuit.

Switch Symbol

Energy Meter Symbol(Measuring Device)

energy meter symbol

Circuit Breaker Symbol(Protective Device)

Circuit Breaker Symbol

Inductor Symbol(Electrical or Electronic Component)

inductor symbol

Resistor Symbol

Resistor is a passive component that mainly opposes the flow of electric current.

resistor symbol

Capacitor Symbol

A capacitor is also a passive component that can store electrical energy in the form of electric charge.

capacitor symbol

Fuse Symbol

A fuse is basically a protective device that disconnects a circuit when excessive current flows.

Electric Fuse Symbol

Relay Symbol

Relay Symbol

Isolator Symbol

Relay Symbol

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