Passive Transducer Examples, Applications, Diagram

The transducer is a device that can convert one form of energy into another. According to the requirement of external power supply, the transducer is divided into two types one is Active Transducer and another is Passive Transducer.
The transducer that needs an external power supply for its operation is called a Passive Transducer.
In this article, you will find Examples of Passive Transducer and applications of passive transducer.

Passive Transducer Examples

Some common examples of Passive transducers are LDR(Light Depending Resistor), Thermistor, LVDT(Linear Variable Differential Transformer), Potentiometer, Rheostat, Strain Gauge, etc.

LVDT(Linear Variable Differential Transformer)

LVDT is a most useful passive transducer. The main function of an LVDT is to produce an electrical signal equivalent to the movement(generally rectangular) of an object. LVDT is nothing but an electrical transformer with a movable core.

passive transducer example LVDT

The main application of the LVDT is the measurement of displacement. LVDT is used in Space satellites, Aircraft, vehicle automation, etc.

Strain Gauge

passive transducer example strain gauge

The strain gauge is a passive transducer used to measure pressure or force on a surface. A strain gauge acts as a variable resistance when pressure or force is applied to it. Its resistance varies with applied pressure or load. 

The strain gauge is used in weight machines, automatic pressure valves, etc. 

LDR(Light Dependent Resistor)

LDR or Light Dependent Resistor is also known as Photoresistor is a light-controlled variable resistor, whose resistance decreases when the intensity of the applied is increased. LDR is a passive transducer because it can not produce any energy, it requires an external power supply for its operation.

example of passive transducer LDR

The important applications of LDR are,

1. LDRs are used in Light Sensors

2. LDR is also used in some cameras to detect the presence of light.

3. LDRs are used Light light-intensity measurement meters.

4. In the manufacturing industry, LDR is used as a sensor for the counting of the packets moving on a conveyor belt.

5. LDRs are also used in Light Activated Control Circuits.

Potentiometer and Rheostat

The Potentiometer name comes from the concept of varying potential differences. The Potentiometer also works on the principle of the Variable resistance. Generally, the potentiometer is connected across the voltage source. by rotating the knob or moving the wiper we can vary the output voltage.
The potentiometer is used as a passive transducer to measure rotational displacement.

The Rheostat is a two terminal device which generally connected in series and provides the facility to vary the resistance. The Rheostat is nothing but a variable resistor.
The rheostat is used as a passive transducer to measure linear displacement.

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